Let The Madness Begin

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Nov 242017

Okay, everybody, ‘fess up. Who totally blew their diet yesterday? Come on, don’t be ashamed. I know we did around here. Terry made a delicious meal of turkey breast, sweet potato stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, a couple of kinds of vegetables, cranberry relish, rolls, and both pecan and pumpkin pie. God bless the man who invented stretch pants!

Here are the pies. Those alone were worth blowing your diet over!

But that’s okay; stuffing yourself even more than you stuffed the turkey is a Thanksgiving tradition I think if you don’t do it you might need to turn in your red-blooded American card.

And today is Black Friday. Let the madness begin! I believe in keeping holiday traditions alive, and one tradition I try very hard to maintain is my vow not to go into any big box store until sometime after the first of the year if I can avoid it in any way. I refuse to participate in all of the commercialism and battle the surly crowds looking for a parking place outside the stores and a bargain inside. Can’t you just feel the Christmas spirit in the air? No thanks. If I can’t buy it from a small local mom-and-pop business, I would just as soon make my purchases online and avoid all the hassle.

Speaking of shopping, a lot of you do your online shopping by clicking this Amazon link or the Amazon Search box at the top right sidebar of this blog. And why not? You can get just about anything in the world from Amazon, and with Amazon Prime, have it delivered right to your door in a couple of days. We appreciate you using one of our links because when you purchase an item on Amazon any time of the year from one of our links, we earn a small commission, which helps us offset the cost of publishing the blog.

Instead of shopping, I plan to spend today working on my new book, Big Lake Snowdaze. I’m over 50,000 words into it now and looking forward to a release in early December. And once that’s out, I’m going to goof off for a little while and get some fishing and kayaking done. I think I deserve it.

Since people seem to be liking the funny signs I’ve been sharing in the blog, here’s another one for you. I thought it was appropriate, what with all the people looking for bargains right now. It looks like a heck of a deal!

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Thought For The Day – Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice. – Dave Barry

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  1. I would have stuffed myself to the gills, but a slight turkey disaster kept the food at bay. Probably not a bad thing. It made it easy to zone in on that pecan pie I made!! Miss Terry is my hero … she can cook a meal like no other. You’re a lucky man, Nick. Happy Thanksgiving to you both!!!

  2. We actually ate very little. I was sick and we just didn’t care. Had planned ahead for some takeout turkey and homemade mac and cheese. I’ve cooked enough big meals in my lifetime to meet and exceed the quota. Done. I confess that I did shop yesterday. Bought 2 bottles of juice.

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