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Nov 042017

There are some questions I get asked so many times that I’m almost tempted to just type the answer once and cut and paste it in from then on to save myself the trouble of having to retype it all over again. Yesterday was a good example.

I got an email from someone asking me what the difference is between a recreational vehicle and a camper. That was partly because I said in a recent blog about the sale of our Winnebago falling through that the so-called mechanic kept referring to our 40 foot diesel pusher motorhome as a camper, and also because this person said he wasn’t sure what he to call his rig. He has a small Class C motorhome, which he refers to as a camper, but someone corrected him and said it was an RV. It’s amazing how often this question comes up. Who are these people who feel a need to challenge what others call their campers… I mean RVs… I mean… oh, never mind.

In response, I sent him a link to a blog post from last year titled Call It What You Like. I’m not into splitting hairs, so let’s just use the terms RV and camper interchangeably. Stop worrying about what to call it, go build a bonfire, make some s’mores, and sing Kumbaya. Really, life is complicated enough without getting hung up on labels.

Another cut-and-paste response from a few days ago was when somebody wrote to tell me about a killer deal they had found on a new fifth wheel trailer at an unbelievable price. According to them, they found a 2017 Heartland that retailed for over $77,000, and the seller was willing to let it go for just $42,000 because he was no longer in the RV business. They said when they asked him where his business had been he was rather vague about that. I referred them to my October 15th blog, Not Such A Good Deal, warning about scammers trying to unload flood damaged RVs, cars, and trucks at bargain basement prices.

And, of course, there were two or three emails in the last week or so asking about what kind of chemicals to use in RV black tanks, asking for recommendations on sewer hoses, and somebody wanting to know how to clear a clog in their RV black tank. For that, I referred them to a blog from last year called Potty Talk.

I think I really need to index all of these blog posts so I don’t have to go back and look for them each time a question comes up. I can just cut and paste.

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  1. You could make up a file of all these cut-n-paste questions you routinely get and put them in their own file, maybe with links? You need to call it something through… Maybe ‘frequently asked questions’?

    Then all you have to do is to actually get people to look at the FAQ file… 🙂


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