Oct 082017

Sometimes when I’m working on a project I will park myself in front of the computer and stay there for several days at a time, cranking out a lot of words. Which is what I did most of last week. Then I have to give myself a break and take a little bit of time off and go play. That’s what we did yesterday.

We left the house sometime after 10 a.m. and drove 20 miles south to Titusville, where we spent a couple of hours wandering through the huge Wildwood Antique Mall. Even before we had our house, back when we were fulltime RVers, we always enjoyed browsing antique shops and looking at all the old stuff, because more often than not we would see things that we grew up with. As I’ve said before, we have reached the age where we are antiques, too.

I had an interesting experience while we were at the store. I was wearing one of my favorite T-shirts that says “Blessed are the weird people” and a woman walked by me and glanced at the shirt, and then told me she liked the shirt but could not read it completely. Then she put her hands on my chest and ran them down the length of the shirt to smooth it out so that she could read the whole thing. She said it was really cool and she wanted to get one like that. I told her I found it on Amazon.

After that, I told Miss Terry that I wasn’t really bothered by the encounter, and I know it was completely innocent, but I wonder how some strange woman would feel if I went up to her and started running my hands across her body because I wanted to read what was on her shirt? I’m pretty sure I’d get slapped or zapped with a stun gun, or at find myself having a long talk with a policeman. Is that one of those double standard things?

After we left the antique mall, we stopped at Lowe’s. We were looking for a portable air conditioner that we could power with a Honda 2000 watt generator the next time the power goes out in one of our storms. We don’t expect it to cool the whole house, just make the living room comfortable enough that we can get by until things get back to normal.

They had several models in the $300 to $400 range and up, but a customer who saw us looking at them and overheard our conversation said he was sorry to interrupt, but wondered if he could offer us some advice. Sure, I’m always happy to get input from others when I’m trying to make a decision. He told us he is in the air conditioning business and showed us a 6,000 BTU Frigidaire window unit that was only $179. He said he has three of them in his own home, and the one in his 300 square foot bedroom cools it down enough that you could hang meat in there. Our living room is about 280 square feet, so I think that would be more than enough for our needs. We thanked him for his input, and for saving us money.

By then it was almost 3 o’clock and we were both getting hungry, so we went to Valentino’s Pizza in the Searstown Mall. We’ve eaten there several times over the years and it’s always been delicious. This was time around no exception. I won’t say it was as good as Miss Terry’s pizza, but it was darned good.

Not so good was the sight of this beached boat on the shore of the Indian River in Titusville. I mentioned in a blog a couple of days ago that we’ve had some high winds and a lot of rain lately, and the news said several boats have come loose from their moorings and either foundered or run aground. I hope this one wasn’t too badly damaged.

Back at home, there wasn’t much on TV so we spent most of the evening on the computer, just taking it easy. Today, it’s back to writing.

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Thought For The Day – An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

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  4 Responses to “Old Stuff And Beached Boats”

  1. If you did that you might find yourself having a long talk with Terry too!!!! 🙂 Ed

  2. If you’re looking to go the route of a generator and air conditioning unit
    If your house is not equipped with gas you might want to look into an induction cooktop unit I just bought one for myself for $49 online but $39 on sale from bed bath and beond with a $10 coupon free and free shipping
    The next chance you get check the water level on the St. Johns River at route 50 46 or 528 and be glad you don’t have a house anywhere’s near there

  3. Valentino’s! In Florida? Good grief when we lived in Omaha, NE we loved Valentino’s Pizza! It originated in Lincoln. Was very popular with the football fans and then they opened their first store out of Lincoln in Fort Collins, CO where we also lived and loved their pizzas. So there must be some UN fans in Florida keeping the tradition alive!

  4. We bought a Figidair unit for the bonus room above the garage which is always hot and we have been very happy with it.

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