No, No, And Hell No!

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Oct 232017

I’m not one for conspiracy theories. Maybe there was somebody on the grassy knoll when JFK got shot, and maybe not. Maybe the government really is hiding all kinds of information about UFOs from us. But if they are, I don’t really care. And maybe the last election was rigged, or the one before that, or the one before that. We’ll never know.

But for a very long time I have believed there is a secret society known as the National Coalition of the Weird and Strange. And I am convinced that one of their requirements for membership is that you have to come and mess with me first. There is no other explanation for how many strange people and oddball requests I have received over the years.

Overall, I’m a pretty easy going guy, and I try very hard to accommodate people whenever I can. Sometimes to a fault, because I often have trouble saying no. But there are times when people leave me no choice. Some recent requests I have received are good examples. And no, I didn’t make any of these up. You can’t make this stuff up!

Not long ago someone from Germany contacted me saying they are going to be flying into Miami and plan to spend a year or two traveling the country. He wondered if I could check the various RV dealers around Florida, find out what was available in a used Class C in the $55,000 price range, take some pictures of likely prospects, and send them and the RVs’ information to him.

You would think I would be surprised by a request like this, but Terry and I cannot tell you how many times people have expected us to drive 20 or 50 or even 300 miles or more to go look at an RV for sale and get back to them with a report on what we thought of it. After all, we were fulltimers on the move anyway, so how much trouble could it be?

That wasn’t the only recent e-mail I received about an RV for sale. A few days ago someone contacted me to say that they had seen a gas powered Class A motorhome listed for sale on PPL Motorhomes’  website, and they said since we had our Winnebago on consignment there and had some contacts at the company, could we talk to somebody and get more information about it. I guess the thorough description and all of the photographs on the website weren’t enough to motivate them to pick up the telephone and call and talk to somebody at PPL themselves.

Apparently picking up the telephone and calling someone is rather difficult, since another reader asked if I could contact the Elks Lodge in Tavernier, Florida and see if they are going to allow traveling Elks to dry camp there this winter like they have in the past.

And then there is the woman who emailed me after reading yesterday’s blog, Florida Is Still Here, saying that I could do my readers a service if I were to make a list of the campgrounds in Florida that were unaffected by Hurricane Irma and post it, along with their rates and availability of spaces.

Like I said, I’m an easy going guy, but sometimes I just have to say no, no, and hell no!

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Thought For The Day – Either do it or don’t, there is no try.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  11 Responses to “No, No, And Hell No!”

  1. So now you’re reduced to misquoting Yoda in order to come up with a Thought For The Day?

  2. We have always found it truly amazing so many people want someone else to do the work or research FOR free and just give them the information. So many times these people could just look it up themselves. I admit it is easier if someone else does the work or research. But really, how hard is it to look on the internet or pick up the phone or my favorite, READ THE MANUAL FIRST?

  3. On the easy going guy part. We will attest to that. Once, when you guys were going to the Florida RV Show we asked if you would if you could pretty please with sugar on top check out this little rig that doesn’t have a dealer within 300 miles of here. And it was a brand new model and it looked perfect in the brochures. So, you found it and took pictures and formed an opinion and sent them to us. A year later when the knee that worked the clutch on the fl-60 Freightliner that pulled the fifth wheel decided to retire we traded the truck and trailer in on the 25.5 foot class A and now we go on shorter trips, to places we could never go with the big guy. Thank you for your help. We never did see one before we ordered it.

  4. Another words.what you’re saying is that $300 an hour. (4 hour minimum)(under the table tax-free )for your service fee paid in cash, upfront, ( checks not acceptable ) is not worth it to do all that work ? No wonder they say Floridians are undependable and lazy,,, it must be something in the water??

  5. Hey Nick, since you are doing all that pro bono work for the people out there, how about flying out to Oregon and stopping by my place, I had 25 tons of gravel that needs moved around! LOL

  6. Doesn’t surprise me at all Nick. My husband is a retired attorney and you’d be amazed at how many people expect him to write wills, interpret contracts, and give them legal advice. At a recent campout with our camping club three different people cornered him and had questions about everything from suing a neighbor to getting custody of a grandchild.

  7. Like your friend Greg White my husband is also Mr. Fixit. Every day somebody is calling or knocking on the door wanting something repaired. In July, at his 50th birthday party, somebody expected him to leave right then and go 3 miles with them to their house to look at a dripping faucet. He’s even gotten calls in the middle of the night to come look at some trivial thing that could have at least waited until daylight!

  8. Hey, I’m a winner!! Thanks Nick. We have pouring rain here today in MI so it’s a perfect day to curl up with a book! We are going to be at Jetty Park the month of Jan. so maybe we will see you somewhere. Thanks again!

  9. Nancy Reynolds-Lee, people do the same to me and I am not even a lawyer but I do give good legal advice! None of my clients have ever gone to jail! ?

  10. Boy that’s crazy, all those rude people wanting you to check on RV stuff for them. How rude! By the way, I’m to for teeth cleaning. Would you give my dentist a call Nd set up an appointment for me? ?

  11. I wonder what would happen if you emailed these people back asking what they intend to pay you for your time. The responses could be hilarious.

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