I’m Not Alone

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Oct 242017

After reading yesterday’s blog, No, No, And Hell No!, several readers commented or sent me emails telling me not to feel lonely. One person said her husband is the local free fix-it man for the neighborhood, and he even gets calls in the middle of night for things like a drippy faucet.

Someone else sent me an email saying that they befriended a couple parked next to them in a rental Class C motorhome at a campground somewhere in Michigan two years ago, who were hoping to become fulltimers. They said that they spent a pleasant evening under the awning answering questions about the fulltime lifestyle and RVing in general, and gave the wannabes their email address and phone number. Since then the people have called them dozens of times wanting them to evaluate used RVs for sale by private parties from a distance. The gentleman said he tried to explain to them that looking at a video from their cell phone as they did a walk-through was no replacement for having a qualified RV tech check the rig out for them. But he said at least once a month he has to go through the whole process with them again.

A third person emailed me to say that after answering a few questions for somebody in an online RV forum he started getting texts asking more questions, so many in fact that he had to block the person because he was paying ten cents per text and was getting as many as a dozen a day.

Yet another blog reader said that there was a couple parked next to them in a seasonal site at an RV park in Mission, Texas who did not have a tow vehicle with them, just their large motorhome. The first time the woman asked if she could ride to the grocery store with them, they said fine. They weren’t quite as enthusiastic a few days later when she asked if they would take her to Walmart, and said before long they found themselves being this couple’s unofficial and unpaid private Uber driver. When they finally drew the line and said they needed to either rent a car or call a taxi, the neighbors got upset and refused to speak to them for the rest of the winter. I suspect that probably didn’t bother them too much.

I also heard from several workampers who said I wouldn’t believe the requests and expectations made of them, which included helping newbies hook up their campground utilities, delivering campfire wood to sites, being asked to dog walk and pet sit while guests were out sightseeing, being asked to babysit, being expected to tend to clothes left in washing machines at the campground laundry, and even being told (not asked) to run to the local pizza shop, since they didn’t deliver to the campground. One workamper said his own personal Guests From Hell demanded he move a large tree because it blocked their satellite TV dish, and also expected him to provide them with a replacement sewer hose, because theirs had sprung a leak. He said they cussed him out when he told them the tree was over 50 years old and wasn’t going anywhere, and that he did not carry extra sewer hoses on his golf cart.

But probably the most interesting email I got was from a man who said he had always tried to maintain an amicable relationship with his ex-wife, even though they didn’t have any children together, because they live in the same small town. After she remarried, her new husband called him with a couple of questions about maintenance chores at the house they used to share. Simple things like where the main water shut off was or how to install the storm windows in the wintertime. He said from there it progressed to asking him to come over and show Husband Number Two how the storm windows were installed, and then actually installing all of them as the fellow watched him. He said this continued to the point where he was doing more chores at his ex-wife’s house than he was at his own. He added, tongue-in-cheek, that for some reason his current wife took exception to that.

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  3 Responses to “I’m Not Alone”

  1. I’m reminded of Ann Lander’s classic response to situations like these: “No one can take advantage of you unless you allow it.”

  2. Then when something goes wrong they blame you for fixing it wrong.

    However for the work camper, many places i go have stayed they are supposed to deliver firewood.

  3. Yes, as a workamper (park host) we get some pretty strange requests or comments! We are currently finishing a stint at a Corps of Engineers campground that was built in the 60’s. People move sites 3 times because the site they rented isn’t level or complain that the power doesn’t work (breaker turned off). When we volunteered at a CA state park on the ocean someone asked me what time the dolphins swim by. Really? We’ve had European travelers take a solar shower (naked) in front of the whole campground in MT, and get offended when hubby told him not to do that. I could go on and on. We’ve been park hosts for part of the year for 10 years and we could write a book.

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