Florida Is Still Here

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Oct 222017

I have received quite a few e-mails from RV snowbirds wanting to know if I think they’ll be able to come to Florida for the winter as they had planned, due to the problems from Hurricane Irma. Yes, come on down. Florida is still here and open for business.

While some areas got hit worse than others, a lot of places didn’t have any damage at all. Except for the Keys, I can’t think of any area of the state that should not be able to accommodate RVers. However, like always, Florida is a busy place in the wintertime. So don’t just show up expecting to pull into any campground you want and find a site available. It’s always a good idea to have reservations in place ahead of time when you come to the Sunshine State in the winter time.

Now, the Keys are an entirely different story. A lot of places down there were totally destroyed, and I would suspect that of those that have been able to reopen, they are probably full of out of town workers staying there while they repair damage in the region. Like always, call ahead and know what you are getting into before you go.

Being a writer, I spend way too much time sitting at my desk. For quite a while I was using our treadmill, walking a mile to a mile and a half a day to get some exercise. But the darn thing developed a problem a while back and will just come to a sudden stop while I am on it. More than once I’ve about landed on my butt when that happens. I’ve been looking on Craigslist for a decent used one, but everything I see is either overpriced or junk, or else overpriced junk. We looked at some at Play It Again Sports in Daytona Beach, but their prices are so high that for just a few bucks more I can get a new one from Amazon, with free shipping. That’s probably the route I will go.

But yesterday, Terry got a package from Amazon that looks pretty interesting. This is a Stamina In-Motion elliptical trainer, and it fits under her desk. So she can be cruising the Internet, or doing book work, or proofing something for me, and exercising at the same time. It has a four star rating out of 3,260+ reviews, which is pretty impressive. I tried it for just a short time and it really gives the legs a workout. After Terry has used it for a while I will report back and tell you what she thinks of it.

It is starting to cool down enough that we can go out in our garage and throw darts occasionally, something that our friend Jim Lewis introduced us to last year and that we enjoy a lot. I kind of use the scattergun method of dart throwing, figuring if I throw enough darts enough times, eventually I’ll hit something. Terry, on the other hand, is much more precise. Look at this group she threw the other night! Unfortunately, in the game we were playing they didn’t count toward her final score, but I was still impressed. I’m lucky if I can even hit the right wall in the garage.

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Thought For The Day – Instead of wondering when your next vacation will be, create a life you don’t need an escape from.

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  1. We found it helpful to hang our dartboard on a wall with drywall. That way you don’t blunt your darts so much when you miss the board altogether.

  2. Yes, we had plans to head for Florida November 1st for several months in the Keys. Nine months ago, I had scored 8 days at Bahia Honda State Park – much to my amazement. Been trying to get in there for years. Reserve America cancelled that right after the storm saying it won’t open till sometime in 2018. Severely damaged. At our main location, NASKW, camping is closed for now too. Oh well, we’ll always love the Keys. There’s always next year. Well, not always, but we can hope!

  3. Nick, regarding your treadmill dilemma, walking outside in the fresh air and Florida sunshine is free.

  4. I have that elliptical trainer. A coworkers mother had a lung transplant at the Mayo clinic and they had her using it after her surgery.

  5. Yes it is, Randy, and when it isn’t 92° with matching humidity, that would be an option.

  6. I have the same “elliptical” as you bought and I love it. Does give your legs a good work out especially if you place a chair in front for support and use it standing up. Love your blogs and of course all your books!

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