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Oct 182017

We have had a lot going on the last few days, so I thought I would bring you up to date on things in today’s blog.

Terry finished the first proofreading and editing of Badge Bunny, and it is now in the hands of the second proofreader. Once she’s done and the corrections she suggested are made, it will go to proofreader number three, and after I get it back from her and make those corrections, I will format the e-book version and upload it to Amazon. It won’t be long now.

Yesterday I put together the newest issue of my author’s newsletter, which will be mailed out as soon as the book goes live on Amazon, so I can include a link to it. If you haven’t seen my newsletter, it’s an email publication that usually runs from 4 to 6 pages where I talk about my books, how I go about the writing process, share news of books from some of my author friends, and things like that.

I am trying something new with this issue of the author’s newsletter, a free drawing for a Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader. The winner will be drawn from our newsletter subscribers and will be announced sometime in the coming weeks. If I get a good response I may continue doing giveaways. Be sure to tell all of your reading friends so they can subscribe, too. The more the merrier! And don’t worry, I never share your email address with anybody else, so you’re not going get on a bunch of spam lists. If you want to be added to the list, just send me your e-mail at Editor@gypsyjournal.net

After my last audiobook narrator didn’t work out I kind of stepped away from the whole audiobook thing, since there is a lot of work involved in finding a good narrator and then reviewing the project as they work on it, and overall, sales of audiobooks have not been that great for me. But several readers have asked me if there is any possibility of doing audiobooks of the rest of my work, so I have begun accepting auditions again. I’ve listened to half a dozen so far, but as of yet I haven’t found anybody who I care to listen to for seven or eight hours. And I figure if they can’t get me interested in my own books, they’re not going to do much of a job with listeners, either.

I’ve also been organizing the next issue of the Gypsy Journal and will start working on it today or tomorrow.

While I’ve been doing that, Miss Terry has been busy with some projects of her own, including hemming the towels that she recently wove, and now she’s working up some designs for the next project. But that didn’t keep her from making a delicious meal of grouper sandwiches for dinner last night.

And it’s finally cooled down enough that when our friend Jim Lewis came over yesterday we managed to throw a few rounds of darts. It’s been too hot to do much in the garage all summer long, but I’m proud to say that I’m just as good as I was last spring when we were throwing every day. Of course, I wasn’t very good back then, either!

And finally, we have some news on the Winnebago sales front. On Monday, two weeks to the day after we dropped it off at PPL Motorhomes in Houston, somebody put down earnest money and it is now listed as sale pending. I talked to someone at PPL yesterday and they said some financing details have to be worked out, but if everything goes according to plan, they expect the whole thing to be finalized in the next 5 to 10 days. And the selling price is actually a few thousand dollars more than what we were asking for it when we were trying to sell it ourselves! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the transaction goes smoothly.

A lot of you do your online shopping by clicking this Amazon link or the Amazon Search box at the top right sidebar of this blog. We appreciate that, because when you purchase an item on Amazon any time of the year from one of our links, we earn a small commission, which helps us offset the cost of publishing the blog.

Thought For The Day – There’s no money in poetry, but then there’s no poetry in money, either. – Robert Graves

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  3 Responses to “A Lot Going On”

  1. I love Miss Terry’s towels! Those would make a great giveaway item! (hint hint) Congrats on the pending sale of your RV. I’m sure it’s a relief not to worry about it anymore. I love reading your blog and just sent you an email about subscribing to your newsletter.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Yea, music to your ears…SALE PENDING.

  3. Instead of audiobooks, what about text to voice readers? I have been looking at software and the hardware such as the Kindle Fire and Kindle VoiceView screen reader. I have just started the search for my vision impaired wife. Anyone have any experience?

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