When Did That Happen?

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Sep 212017

We almost had a shooting at our house yesterday morning. I got up and stumbled in the bathroom half-asleep, flipped on the light, and there was some naked old pervert standing there staring at me. I’m glad I didn’t have my .45 in my hand, because Miss Terry said replacing that great big mirror would be pretty expensive!

We all eventually reach an age and body size where mirrors are no longer our friend. I have hit that milestone. When did that happen? How did all those years go by so fast?

Wasn’t I a teenager just a couple of weeks ago? I guess not, since yesterday I filled out the AARP application for my Medicare supplemental plan, which will kick in October 1st.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It’s been a great life and this is the very best part of it. I have a fantastic wife, a comfortable home, and I get to make my living writing stories. Nope, nothing to complain about here. Oh sure, there are those little aches and pains that we all have as we get older. Some of them are just part of the aging process, and some are reminders of the dumb things we did when we were young and foolish. Still, no complaints.

Well, maybe one complaint. Terry and I are both sick and tired of wasting time with tire kickers who all want to buy our motorhome, but either can’t come up with the money or can’t make a decision. We thought we had a deal this week, and then it fell apart at the last moment. And then I had a man who wanted me to take six Great Dane puppies in part trade, assuring me that I could easily get $2,000 a piece for them because of their prime bloodlines. Hell, half the time I can’t afford to feed me, let alone a bunch of dogs the size of horses!

I think after this last go around we’ve had it with trying to sell the Winnebago on our own. I get a lot of calls and waste a lot of time, and I don’t really need the aggravation. So it looks like we’re going to take it to PPL Motorhomes in Houston and let them sell it on consignment for us.

They have already given us a ballpark figure that it will sell for based upon the current market, and it’s considerably more than the $45K we’ve been asking. So even after they take their commission, we’ll be in good shape. We’ve never dealt with PPL ourselves, but we know quite a few people who have, both as buyers and as sellers. We’re really not looking forward to another road trip, since we’ve already been on the go so much in the last couple of months, but it’s time to get something done.

If anybody is serious about a good deal for a lot less than you will pay on a dealer’s lot and are ready to buy, here’s a link to it. But you need to act fast, because this time next week it will be gone. https://gypsyjournalrv.com/motorhome-for-sale/

Speaking of road trips, I’ve heard from several people who had reservations in the Florida Keys starting in October, asking me if I thought it was okay to go down there for them. Three different people have told me they have tried to call their respective campgrounds and can’t get anybody to answer the phones. Yeah, that’s because they had a hurricane there. You may have heard about it on the news. One fellow was really upset because he made his reservations almost a year ago and this is really screwing up his travel plans. Do you think maybe the hurricane screwed up some other people’s plans and lives, too? As my son used to say, some people’s children…

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Thought For The Day – There are two ways to face the future. One way is with apprehension and the other is with anticipation

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  1. It’s funny you mention Medicare because we are going to the SS office today to talk to someone about signing up. My husband turns 65 Oct 17. Everything I read is so confusing I thought it would be easier to talk to someone in person.

  2. I think you should write about the “dumb” things people ask you about RVing. You must have so many of them by now. It never ceases to amaze me. We were near St Louis once during one of the floods. Parts of the city were under water. We wanted to play golf so called a few golf courses to try to get a tee time. One guy answered and said he could just see the top of the flag stick on 18 but the rest was under water. He said he didn’t think we would want to play the course right then. We laugh about that from time to time. Glad to hear you and yours are OK. TGO down in T’ville is mostly OK. Some folks lost their aluminium RV port covers and some debris was blown down but by in large we were OK.

  3. ……….like you, rvers and many other seniors; this is the best time of our life. Also we look forward daily with anticipation. …..can hardly wait to get out of bed every morning. You go Nick/Mz Terry. cc

  4. Good decision to consign the RV. Life is too short to deal with idiots in the hope of gaining a few extra thousand dollars.

    By the way, I’ve been impressed with the speed with which they are restoring the basic infrastructure (i.e., water & electric) down in the keys. I would not be at all surprised if a substantial number of RV parks down there (if not most) are ready for business by the first of the year. Of course, the landscaping will be somewhat “lunar” and there will be a lot of damage to nearby homes and businesses, which might make being down there a little less enjoyable.

    In the interest of helping all the small businesses and workers down there, I hope anyone with reservations for the coming season in the keys will be patient and check back with their RV parks later in October to confirm what’s really going on. I’d hate to see most RV’ers giving up and there being lots of vacancies in the keys this season. The people and businesses in the keys are going to need all the help they can get to recover including the business of the thousands of RV’ers.

  5. I am il Gold Canyon, Arizona which is next to Apache Junction. Apparently the phones are ringing off the hook as people who had planned on going to Texas and Florida are calling to find a place here. This area will be very full all winter long.

  6. Nick, I still wonder what happening to the skinny guy with dark hair too. You know, that guy who could get up off the ground with ease. Not any more. Count my blessings to still be here and kicking despite polio and being a life-long cigar and pipe smoker. I may not look 20, but our 550 mile, 11 hour trip home on Monday proves I still drive like I am 20. (Will be 78 in a couple months and I complain about all of the elderly drivers in Clearwater, Florida). On Tuesday, I took down the plywood on the house; on Wednesday, I stashed the plywood in the shed in between taking the wife to the dentist in St Pete and PT; on Thursday, I mowed the yard. No bad for that old man in the mirror!

  7. Where are you? Have not received your Blog for days. Hope everything is OK

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