We Have Power!

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Sep 162017

About 6 p.m. Saturday the power was restored and it sure is nice to be able to flip a switch and have light, not to mention cold air conditioning!

Unfortunately, the internet is very slow, probably because everybody who has been offline for a week is eager to connect with the world. We are tired and have a lot of work to do getting settled back in, so this will be another short blog. Hopefully tomorrow I can stare getting you caught up on our adventures the last week.

As for all of you who have asked how our daughter-in-law managed her surgical procedure, she is doing great and her prognosis in excellent. We have been blessed in many ways.

I have a ton of e-mail to get caught up on and will start whittling away at it tomorrow.

Nick Russell

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  2 Responses to “We Have Power!”

  1. Good news and good news. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  2. ditto Linda’s comment

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