Still No Power

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Sep 162017

Florida Power and Light (FPL) had originally said we would have power restored by 11:45 pm Sunday, but a lot of people in the area are back online. Unfortunately, not in our subdivision. And I got a message yesterday that it may be a few days later than expected.

Oh well, it is what it is. We are still a lot better off than many people. We filled the RV’s tank yesterday and the Onan generator is humming along, giving us nice cold AC.

Our friend Jim Lewis got back today and will stay with us until damage to his house is repaired.

Hopefully we will get back to normal soon. We miss our routines.

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  1. Guess that AC and the generator are a real silver lining to not having sold the RV yet. We were prepping ours here in Virginia during Irma and have kept it ready while we watch Jose dithering around in circles off the coast.

  2. It is whimsy the way some get electricity and others don’t. Our fifth floor balcony faces south and so looks directly into balconies across the street facing north. We more or less got electric back on Monday while the people sitting on balconies, attached to sweltering condos across the street, didn’t get power until last night. It made me feel a little less guilty since our elevators did not work and we had no water a day after they got they were watering plants. No rhyme or reason. Today most things in Cape Canaveral seem to be working. People are coming to the beach and it delights me to sit on the balcony and see them playing in the ocean. After all that wind and roaring ocean and no shower for days it seems a little like waking from a bad dream.

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