Stay Away, Irma!

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Sep 052017

While folks in Texas and Louisiana are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, here in Florida we are watching the Caribbean, where Hurricane Irma is making a path toward us. Or at least that’s one of the paths. If and where she will land in Florida is still in question.

Here’s an idea; just stay away, Irma! People here are still rebuilding from last year’s Hurricane Matthew. We don’t need another one.

When we bought a house in Florida we knew that hurricanes were a reality. In fact, we were still in closing when Matthew came up the coast. Not wanting to hang around any longer than we had to, we took off ahead of the storm and waited it out in a small campground west of Tallahassee. Watching the news reports on TV, we weren’t sure we would have a place to come back to. A couple of homes in our little community were destroyed, and there was a lot of damage up around Daytona Beach, but the only thing we had to deal with was a little bit of trash blown into our yard from a carport that got torn up down the street.

We are supposed to be in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this coming weekend getting ready for daughter-in-law Geli’s medical procedure on Monday. So I’m not really worried about our personal safety, since we will be gone ahead of the storm. If it does hit around here, we’ll just stay put a little longer until it’s safe to come home. What else can you do?

Among the things on my to do list are to purchase a Honda generator to keep in the garage in case we have a power loss during one of our storms. Those things are quiet and bulletproof. Years ago our friends Dave and Sandy Baleria had two Honda generators hooked together and running to supply air conditioning to their fifth wheel while they were teaching seminars at an RV rally someplace. A big storm came along and flooded the area where they were parked, and when they went back to their rig the generators were underwater.

Dave assumed they were trashed and bought two new ones to replace them. He was going to throw the first pair away, but I asked if I could have them, thinking our son-in-law might be able to use them for parts or something. As it turns out, once the old oil and gas was poured out of them, new filters installed, and new needle valves put in the carburetors, both generators fired right up and are still running today. Keep in mind, not only were they in a flood, they were in a flood while they were running, and they still survived. That’s pretty darned impressive, if you ask me.

We have had a lot of calls about our 2002 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage motorhome and some people seem to be very interested, but at this point it is still for sale. If you know anybody in the market for a very nice upscale diesel coach, they can find pictures and information on a page special page I set up for it, with lots of info and photos. You can access it here at this Motorhome For Sale link.

A lot of you do your online shopping by clicking this Amazon link or the Amazon Search box at the top right sidebar of this blog. We appreciate that, because when you purchase an item on Amazon any time of the year from one of our links, we earn a small commission, which helps us offset the cost of publishing the blog.

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  1. I have lived on Cocoa/Titusville, FL since 1959 and my hubby in Venice then Cocoa/Titusville, FL since 1951. We have both had little or no damage to any pf our homes. Once a house we owned my Dad lived in had some roof shingles and carport storage room roof lose. But in general it’s just lots of rain and wind. And the great thing about hurricanes is you can LEAVE. You have plenty of time to make decisions. It’s a small price to pay to live in a wonderful state with great weather and living conditions. That said everyone has different requirements and if you love some where else, well, just enjoy each day !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Glad you will be out of the area and hoping Geli’s procedure goes well. With the RV for sale will you be car traveling? Stay safe and I hope Irma heads back to sea.

  3. Wow, really surprised about the generator. I know they are tough. I have a Honda 2000i and use it almost everyday. Thanks for sharing, stay safe Nick.

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