It’s Not Gonna Work

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Sep 032017

We made our entire living on the road for over 17 years, publishing the Gypsy Journal and our RV related guidebooks, vending at RV rallies, doing speaking gigs at RV events, blogging, and writing and self-publishing books. So I know little bit about what it takes to make the kind of money required to live the fulltime RV lifestyle. I’ve also been around long enough to know what doesn’t work.

Sometimes in my seminars on working on the road at RV rallies or through email, I have to burst somebody’s bubble by giving them a dose of reality. Sometimes they listen, and sometimes they don’t. Either way, I don’t have a dog in the fight so I wish them well.

Many of the folks I hear from want to start their own business like we did. A few of them have had very good ideas and the experience and drive to make it happen. Others seem to be enamored with the idea of being their own boss, but it’s obvious they are only fooling themselves about how easy it will be.

One example is a couple who contacted me recently telling me they had come up with a surefire way to support their RV adventures. “Everybody loves seeing their name in print,” they told me, “and we’ve come up with a way to give them that kind of recognition and make money at the same time.” They’re going to start an RV blog! Yeah, I know, everybody and his brother has an RV blog, so what? But these folks assured me they have a new angle on things that just can’t miss.

Their blog isn’t going to be about them. No it’s going to be about you! They’re going to call it RV Buddies Blog (not the real name they plan to use) and for just $100 they promise to mention your name at least once a month, in a short line or two that says “Bill Smith (replace with your name) is enjoying the sunshine in Yuma at XYZ campground this winter and not missing shoveling snow back home in Michigan” or some such thing. And for an extra $50 a year, you can actually send them a photo of you relaxing at your winter site or wherever you happen to be, and they will include the photo with their update on your whereabouts.

“It’s a great way to let the world know where you are and what you’re doing,” they told me enthusiastically, “while getting the recognition of having your name out there.” Uh yeah, I’m afraid somebody beat you to that idea. It’s called Facebook, and it’s free.

They were little taken aback by that news, but they quickly rebounded, telling me that the personal mentions were only part of their business plan. They are also going to get people to pay to subscribe to the blog. I asked them why anybody would pay to subscribe to their blog when there are so many free blogs to read. Their reply was that they are going to hold a drawing every week or two for their subscribers and give away some kind of free gift every week. I guess they didn’t see the drawing at the bottom of this week’s blog, or all the other ones I’ve done before it for the last few years.

I’ll give them this, this couple were not going to be put off by anything as petty as reality. They have lots of ideas. Did I know that their blog was going to become so popular that campgrounds would let them stay for free because folks would come and fill every site to meet them? Or that they were contacting companies all over the country to sponsor them in exchange for a mention in the blog? By that point I didn’t feel up to telling them that companies get thousands of solicitations for money every year, so I just wished them well. I don’t know what disappointed them most, me trying to tell them their plans probably wouldn’t work, or the fact that after hearing all they had to offer, I wouldn’t give them a hundred bucks to be the very first RV Buddy. They even offered to throw in the photo option for free!

We have had a lot of calls about our 2002 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage motorhome and some people seem to be very interested, but at this point it is still for sale. If you know anybody in the market for a very nice upscale diesel coach, they can find pictures and information on a page special page I set up for it, with lots of info and photos. You can access it here at this Motorhome For Sale link.

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Good news for fans of my friend George Wier’s Bill Travis mystery series. Today George is offering Trinity Trio, the 14th book in the series, free in the Amazon Kindle bookstore. Grab it while you can!

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  5 Responses to “It’s Not Gonna Work”

  1. Come on Nick. Send me $25 and I’ll post your picture (and name) at the very beginning of my next blog post! Some folks just need to try out their “new” ideas for themselves, I guess.

  2. It seems like every few months someone like that comes across your website and blog. Are these younger people fed up with the daily grind? Well, whoever they are just keep giving them the facts and they can do with it what they want. You’ve been there, done that and I guess they just believe they can do it better.

  3. Actually, Jan, I hear from people wanting advice on how to make a living on the road on a weekly basis. And while many really want to learn how to do it, there are also more than a few that are totally unrealistic.

  4. Sounds like a great idea. Why didn’t I think of that?
    I did… I have a site that lets people share their travels and pictures via their OWN blog and it’s all free.
    Oh, and that thought that campgrounds would let them stay for free. It’s called camp hosting in a BLM or Forest Service campground which we are doing for the first time this summer. FHU and don’t have to clean the Johns and getting paid a nice stipend.

  5. DITTO ABOVE COMMENTS… You mentioned my blog when I first got started and the followers signed on AND I NEVER PAID YOU A DIME. Now I barely write.

    I have read all of Judy Howard’s book so I’ll let someone else win this drawing.

    I tried to get the TRINITY TRIO free offering but it wasn’t free. If the BILL TRAVIS MYSTERY SERIES is anything like your BIG LAKE series I will go back and start at the beginning to follow the character development and crime solving history. Trinity Trio is book #14…

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