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Before I do anything else, I want to wish my friend Don Del Rosario happy birthday. Don and his pretty wife Sharon are very special people who have brightened our world for a long time. We need to get together for a visit the next time we’re in Arizona, or if you make it to our side of the country. It’s been too long.

Yesterday I had an e-mail from a longtime blog reader who owns a small RV park in Ohio, asking me whatever happened to courtesy and common sense. She said that she had two families come in with RVs this week, complete with a bunch of kids and three dogs between them. They were there less than an hour when the wife of one couple came in the office screaming because one of her employees had told the children they had to leave the swimming pool because they did not have an adult with them. She said she told woman the rules were clearly posted that children under 14 had to have an adult present when in the pool area. The mother thought that was ridiculous. Half an hour later the kids were back in the pool, still without an adult, so the owner escorted them back to their parents and said if they came back they would have to leave the campground. That resulted in an argument with both sets of parents.

Later on that evening when she and her husband were making their rounds they noticed a strong smell of gray water and upon investigation found it was coming from a puddle under an RV parked next to this crowd. She said she knocked on the offending rig’s door and the couple inside said they were doing laundry, but there must be a leak because their sewer hose was connected to the campsite’s sewer connection. No, it wasn’t. It was under their camper spilling onto the ground. That’s when one of the neighbor kids told them that his dad had unhooked it and put it there because one of the other kids tripped over it while playing. When they confronted the father about it, he said he did unhook it, and they were lucky he didn’t sue both the campground and the owner of the neighboring RV because his son had sprained his wrist when he tripped and fell.

That was enough for the campground owner, who told them she would give them a full refund, but they had to leave. She said neither couple appreciated that, and they only left after the sheriff’s office sent two deputies out to make them do so. As they were leaving, they promised to contact every RV publication and website out there to tell them how mistreated they had been and to warn other campers to boycott the place.

I know this couple. We have stayed at their campground in the past and it’s a nice place. And I know this isn’t their first such experience. It’s too bad that some people can be such jerks. All I could tell her is that you can’t please everybody, and that’s okay. If customers like that don’t come back, they and the rest of her guests are better off. And as to whatever happened to courtesy and common sense, it seems like courtesy went out of style a long time ago, and common sense isn’t very common at all anymore.

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Thought For The Day – Have you ever been in a conversation with somebody and wondered, “Why hasn’t anyone hit you with a shovel yet?”

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Nick Russell

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  11 Responses to “You Can’t Please Everybody”

  1. A campground owner that makes campers follow the rules and follows through when campers don’t? SIGN ME UP! I would happily camp there. Good for you campground owner.. I am surprised the campground owners didn’t receive a round of applause from the whole campground..sounds like the two families were a menace.

  2. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with people nowadays, that they think they don’t have to follow the rules. I see that sort of thing in almost every campground I stay. Kick them out … we’re all better off for it!!

    At least in the East they take care of business. Here on the west coast management just ignores the complaints and does nothing.

  3. Sounds to me like a possible “revenge” factor when the hose was pulled out of the drain pipe.
    How long have they been campers and the kids didn’t know the hose was there?
    Very fishy.

  4. Oh Nick this is only the tip of the iceberg!!! This has been the summer of people who don’t follow the rules are blasting businesses on social media when they get reprimanded.
    We have determined this is the year of “campers” vs People who camp. The People who camp are the ones who walk through other people’s sites, let their dog run loose, think that everyone wants to hear their music, etc etc etc. These people camp maybe once or twice a year.

    Of course it is one or two that cause all the problems for a whole park.

  5. We full-time and see this bad behavior occasionally. I really appreciate campground and park owners standing up and enforcing their rules. Loud and obnoxious families can make a stay very unpleasant.

  6. I think most “normal” RV’ers understand how complaints work. . .complainers gonna complain.

    A friend once told me, as you are reading the reviews, throw out the highest, and the lowest ones, and go with what the rest have to say.

    If we paid attention to what complainers had to say, we would NEVER stay in any of our Thousand Trails parks. . .yowzers. . .some of those folks can never be pleased about anything.

  7. You’re a better person than I am Amy. I don’t know how you guys put up with it. Or maybe I’ve just become a grouch old fart who wants to sit on the front porch and yell “Get off my lawn!” at the neighborhood kids. Seriously, you guys have a great campground, and if you lose a few customers like that enforcing the rules, you are better of without them.

  8. Oh I definitely agree with you, we are better without them but then they are the ones who blast you on reviews!

    Overall we have had some of the best campers this year ever! BUT it is those one or 2 every weekend that suck all the energy out of you and make you question why we do what we do. Starting 26 years with my hair turning pretty gray now!!! LOL

  9. Thank you Nick. I especially want to thank you for including Sharon in the picture, which prevents you from scaring your readers to death. We also miss you guys. Since we are following in your foot steps and moving into our new sticks and bricks house, we will leave a light on for you.

  10. I have a lengthy sign spelling out SLOW DOWN NO DUST . Does anyone pay attention? NO? I have noticed the offenders are all young people! Consideration wasn’t taught to these entitled brats! People flip me the bird if I yell to slow down!

  11. Been there, seen that, done that….no wonder that campground owners/operators convert their campgrounds into strata properties or seasonal sites ( as we did). So hard to deal with campers who pay $ 25/a night but expect a mile of lakefront to do as they please. Sounds bitter ? Not at all, w love our seasonal campsite renters ( but would never go back to the daily ones)

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