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Aug 062017

This is the fourth collection of miscellaneous thoughts and info that I’m sharing because I really don’t have anything else to talk about today. In case you didn’t know, potpourri is defined as 1: a mixture of flowers, herbs, and spices that is usually kept in a jar and used for scent. 2: a miscellaneous collection. The second definition above pretty much describes these occasional blogs.

Apparently not everybody gets my warped sense of humor. When I wrote about eating General Tso’s Chicken in yesterday’s blog, saying that it probably tasted better than the Sandhill cranes I had a picture of in the same blog, one person wrote to ask me to please not kill them because they were so beautiful. Somebody else wrote to say that they didn’t think it was legal to hunt Sandhills. First of all, while I don’t have anything against sport hunting, it’s not something I do anymore. So don’t worry, I won’t be grabbing my scattergun and going after those guys. As for it being legal to hunt them, apparently it depends on where you are. The Florida Sandhill crane is protected by the U.S. Migratory Bird Treaty Act and as a State-designated Threatened Species, although my understanding is that they do hunt for Sandhill cranes in some places, including Texas and Oklahoma. I’m not sure if those are different sub-species or something.

A couple of people have asked me why I refer to the Intercoastal Waterway when I talk about living here, correcting me to say that the official name of the 3,000-mile inland waterway that runs south along the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts, around the southern end of Florida, and then up the Gulf Coast to Brownsville, Texas is the Intracoastal Waterway. While that’s true, most of the people I talk to here, many businesses, some of the local news people, and websites like Florida By Water say Intercoastal Waterway and that’s just the way I do it. While you may be able to teach an old dog new tricks, it’s not easy. It’s kind of like fulltime RVing versus full-time RVing, or motorhome versus motor home. My blog, my rules, right or wrong. Smile 

I’m getting rid of some things we won’t be using now that we will be spending most of our time at home. One of those things is the HiBoost cell phone signal booster I reviewed back in April. While it’s not a good choice for a large RV unless you are willing to use it in one area of the rig, it would work well with a Class B or small RV like that. You can see my review on it at this link. The only time it was used was for the review. The retail price of the system is $349.99. If anybody is interested, I will let it go for $300, shipping included. You can email me at

I also have a Rand McNally 7720 RV GPS that we used for about three years. This is the dedicated RV model that includes campgrounds and things like that. I have the AC power cord, but seem to have misplaced the 12 volt cord for it. You can get a replacement cord on Amazon for about $10. It works fine, I just don’t need it anymore. I will take $125 for it, which includes shipping.

As for our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage motorhome, I’m still getting inquiries from prospective buyers, but only one person has actually shown up to look at it. Maybe it’s the wrong time of year, I don’t know. But sooner or later I’m sure the right person will discover it.

In the last couple of blogs we have talked about the campers from hell, and I’ve shared horror stories from some workampers I heard from after posting the original blog. But as I said before, those rude people are in the minority. I was reminded of that when blog reader Jocelyn Kirkendall wrote to tell me about the neighbors who took her under their wing last year after her husband had a stroke while they were in a campground in Idaho. Jocelyn said she had never met these people before, and that they had only been parked next to them for two days when her husband collapsed. But they came over as soon as they saw the ambulance and asked what they could do to help. Since she was unfamiliar with the area and very distressed, the wife drove her to the hospital and stayed with her for several hours until her husband was stabilized and in a room. Jocelyn said she insisted on sleeping at the hospital overnight to be near him, but her neighbors and new best friends, Bill and Cheryl Newman, came back early the next morning, bringing her a change of clothes and toiletries. She said her husband took a turn for the worse and did not survive his stroke, passing away the next day. Bill and Cheryl were with her when it happened, and stayed by her side throughout the ordeal. Bill drove her motorhome over 250 miles back to her home in Washington state, towing Jocelyn’s car, while she rode in the Newman’s car with Cheryl. Only when it was parked in their storage lot and she was surrounded by family did they leave, refusing to take one penny for their time and effort. Yeah folks, that’s really what it’s all about. Some of the finest people we’ve ever known have been RVers.

A lot of you do your online shopping by clicking this Amazon link or the Amazon Search box at the top right sidebar of this blog. We appreciate that, because when you purchase an item on Amazon any time of the year from one of our links, we earn a small commission, which helps us offset the cost of publishing the blog.

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Thought For The Day – When two egotists meet, it’s an I for an I.

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  1. Yes the technical term is intercoastal waterway but that’s only to people that don’t use it,
    but for the people that use it,,, it’s,,, THE ditch
    So for all intended purposes,, you live near THE ditch
    And good Lord forbid if you ever made a joke about manatee tasting like fat BBQ chicken?

  2. When my husband was dying he didn’t want to die in the hospital. Wonderful neighbors of our’s in the RV park were going home for Christmas and gave us the keys to their park model. Brought him there and 30 hours later he died in peace.

  3. So Nick, it is probably just me, but I thought I would at least view your rig on line. I looked through this site and also on the facebook page, but couldn’t find it. Maybe if you put a link or ad in your blog, like you did for Jim’s Texas Trailer, you might get more views.
    More eyeballs is better.
    But like I say, maybe it’s just me who can’t find it.

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