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Aug 092017

Before I do anything else today, I want to put everyone’s fears to rest about our friends Dennis and Carol Hill, former owners of the RV Driving School. Dennis and Carol have been exploring Alaska this summer, and four or five people have e-mailed me saying they haven’t posted a blog in a while and asked if I knew if they were okay. Yes, apparently so, since Carol posted on Facebook yesterday evening that they are celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary. So I guess they didn’t get eaten by a bear. I wasn’t really worried about Carol, because even though she probably can’t outrun a hungry bear, she can outrun Dennis. And in a situation like that, that’s all that really matters, right?

And for those who asked me about the tow truck driver who came to pick up Greg White‘s motorhome and then collapsed, which I wrote about in yesterday’s blog, Greg tells me it was a case of heatstroke and the man is fine now.

And now, to the title of today’s blog. I’m sure you have heard people say that you have to look at the big picture. There’s a reason for that.

Yesterday afternoon we were driving home from Daytona Beach, and as we passed the airport in New Smyrna Beach we spotted the Goodyear blimp parked there. I like blimps. I’m not sure why that is, maybe because more than one person has called me a blimp. Years ago, back in my newspaper days in the Pacific Northwest, I was offered a chance to ride in a blimp over Puget Sound as part of a media promotion. I was quick to say yes, but unfortunately, on the appointed day the planned flight was scrubbed due to bad weather and high winds. I’ve always regretted not getting to do that.

Since I’m always looking for good blog fodder and photographs, I pulled over to take a picture, zooming in on it with my camera.

I got back in the Explorer happy with what I had done, scrolled through my pictures, and as we started to drive away Miss Terry told me to stop. So I did and she took this dramatic photograph of the clouds that were quickly rolling in and darkening the sky above the blimp that I never noticed. I guess she understands that whole big picture thing much better than I do.

Several blog readers have asked where they can find pictures and information on our 2002 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage motorhome, which we are selling. I have set up a page for it, with lots of info and photos. You can access it here at this Motorhome For Sale link.

A lot of you do your online shopping by clicking this Amazon link or the Amazon Search box at the top right sidebar of this blog. We appreciate that, because when you purchase an item on Amazon any time of the year from one of our links, we earn a small commission, which helps us offset the cost of publishing the blog.

Thought For The Day – It’s better to be silent and have people think you’re stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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  1. Your photo of the Goodyear blimp brought back fond memories of the time we lived in Miami, 1968-1971. The Goodyear blimp was housed on one of the causeways linking Miami and Miami Beach. It would fly at night with lighted messages scrolling across the body. Rides were $5 per person. Money was very tight and we chose not to take a ride. We’d just bought our first home and had a baby on the way, so I suppose we did see the big picture!

  2. I’m very surprised you haven’t sold your RV yet. Seems to me it’s the best RV buy of the year! Especially for the price. People must not know the value of a good motorhome!

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