Indy, Mel, And Me

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Aug 132017

As I wrote a while back, years ago I had an old cheap metal detector that was really good at finding pulltabs and bottle caps, but that was about it. Since we’ve moved here I keep seeing people on the beach with metal detectors and reading some local online forums about the rings and jewelry they are finding, and decided I wanted to get back into the hobby. So in June I got a Garrett AT Pro, which is a very sophisticated metal detector and one that a lot of people recommend.

While I got mine online from Amazon, a very popular metal detector company called Kellyco is located less than an hour from us in Winter Springs. They sell all of the major brands online and in their retail store. Somebody told me they have an impressive small museum of treasures large and small that was worth making the drive down to check out. So that’s what we did yesterday!

And Jack, the fellow who told me about the museum, was right! Wow! Wow, and wow once again! From the old cannons on display outside the building to the showcases full of everything from old coins to shipwreck treasures, from the moment you get out of your car you know this place is dedicated to people who are serious about treasure hunting. Indiana Jones would feel right at home here.

By the way, it’s called treasure hunting whether you’re finding modern clad coins in a city park or Spanish pieces of eight at an ancient fort. Like they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The first thing we saw when we walked through the door was a showcase with these two old barnacle encrusted flintlock pistols that looked like Blackbeard or some other pirate may have used them.

Another showcase had silver bars recovered from the many ships that wrecked off the Florida coast hundreds of years ago.

This is a silver bar from the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, a Spanish treasure ship that went down back in 1622. World-famous diver and treasure hunter Mel Fisher spent much of his life looking for the shipwreck before finally discovering it. Unfortunately, his newfound wealth came with a heavy price; his son and daughter-in-law were killed when one of their boats capsized during the search. According to the sign next to the bar’s certificate of authenticity, this one bar is worth nearly $25,000.

One showcase had an impressive display of Civil War belt buckles and other artifacts from that time period that have been recovered by treasure hunters.

Of course, coins are the most common thing found, and most of them are modern stuff that isn’t worth a lot of money. Well, I guess it would add up if you had this many! One display had over 200,000 pennies found by one man from here in Volusia County.

Besides all the treasure on display, there were also a lot of metal detectors and accessories for sale. Whether you’re looking for a cheap entry-level machine to take to the park or a top-of-the-line unit that can be used while you are diving on an ancient shipwreck, Kellyco has it.

So what have I found with my metal detector so far? Well, I haven’t caught up to Indiana Jones or Mel Fisher yet, but I’m trying! I wonder if Kellyco would be interested in this rusty old pair of needle nose pliers I dug out of the yard?

As for the 40 cents in coins I also found, forget about it! I’m saving up for a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts. When a guy works this hard treasure hunting, he deserves a treat, don’t you think?

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Thought For The Day – Maybe I can only be young once, but I can be immature forever.

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  1. Nick, if you get down to Key West go to the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum…:)

  2. I want one!!!!! Do they work in water or just on the beach??

  3. Ed
    you don’t have to go all the way down to Key West from Fischer’s museum he has one in Sebastian

  4. It depends on the model you get, Nancy. My AT Pro can be submersed to a few feet, but is basically a land machine.

  5. I have a known horseshoe deposit – no bull – call 8504331620

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