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Aug 262017

Watching news coverage of the devastation along the Texas Gulf Coast from Hurricane Harvey is personal to us. Before we settled on Florida, we looked long and hard at the area around Rockport and Aransas Pass, which was in the predicted direct path of the hurricane’s landfall. They are charming little towns with lots of friendly people who go out of their way to make Winter Texans feel welcome. One place we looked at was only about three blocks from the water, so I imagine it is suffering some major damage.

When something like this happens, I’m always amazed by the people who ignore the evacuation orders and decide to ride it out. Why? What do you own that could possibly be worth your life? You can always replace houses and things, but you can’t replace human life.

Last year when Hurricane Matthew was heading towards us here on the Florida coast, we made the decision to leave a couple of days before it arrived. I remember one fellow who was also at the campground we were staying in Daytona Beach telling me I was a fool to leave until I had to. He had paid for a week and still had three or four days left to go, and he was damn sure going to stay and get his money’s worth!

When we left to go north and inland to a small campground a little west of Tallahassee, we had clear sailing and no problems all the way. Two days later Interstate 95 northbound was pretty much a parking lot and many places were running out of fuel. Many of the RVers who waited to leave until then spent the next several days dry camping in parking lots around Tallahassee, while we enjoyed full hookups.

If you have wheels under your house and bad weather is threatening, don’t wait until the last minute. Get the hell out of Dodge! Yes, maybe the storm will veer off in another direction or won’t be as bad as predicted. But so what? You spent a few bucks on fuel and a couple of days being someplace you hadn’t planned on. That’s a lot better than being stuck in gridlock trying to get out as the wind beats your rig up and the water is rising, praying you have or can get enough fuel to go far enough to be safe.

Yes, I may be overcautious, but that trait has allowed me to live a long time through some difficult circumstances. I have no desire to be a hero, or a statistic.

When I was a youngster we spent a lot of time traveling around the country, and I remember being bored to death sometimes. My mom or dad would tell us it was time to start looking for license plates from out-of-state, or to be the first to spot a billboard with something on it like an animal, or whatever they could think of to occupy our time and our minds. And those little games did help the miles roll by.

Yesterday someone told me about a book that might come in handy for anybody traveling with young ones today. Check out Traveling With Kids: 40 Ways To Entertain Your Child On The Way And Not Go Nuts. It might make your next road trip with children easier.

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Thought For The Day – Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living somebody else’s life. – Steve Jobs

Nick Russell

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  3 Responses to “Get Out Of Dodge”

  1. Wise words again, Nick. My husband also thinks I am ‘overcautious’ at times but will accommodate me and why take chances with your life? I am very surprised at the number of people who are not evacuating in Texas and I hope it works out for them.

  2. Rockport was on my “maybe” list. I’ve been watching the radar, glad I crossed it off. Staying through a hurricane isn’t going to keep your property from being damaged. A fire, maybe you could water down your house. A hurricane is going to take you AND your house. I hope they are all okay.

  3. I totally agree with you but I do have a different point of view

    what do you do when you only have a paycheck coming in and it’s not due till Friday
    Most people live day to day and week to week paychecks
    Where does one go if one has a house full of children and pets and possibly senior parents

    What does one do when one does not have a vehicle or a suitable vehicle to go somewhere else
    How do you feed and support yourself when you do leave until it’s time to come back

    That’s only a few of the answers that you would find regardless of how much advance possible notice you get
    Unlike some of us that have the financial means to move afford a motel or go to relatives or buy food or even have insurance on our property and house and a car to move with it puts us in the extreme minor Financial category
    Here’s a little test for you the next time you go to a restaurant asked the waiter or waitress
    If it was a major hurricane coming do you have the financial means to relocate and move you and your family for five days
    If you asked that question to 10 people i’m sure you would come away with a different point of view
    Now just let me reiterate I totally agree with your point of you
    However in my case only I would weigh every situation possible

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