A Dozen More RV Tips

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Aug 162017

You asked for them and you’ve got them! Here are twelve more RV tips learned in nearly two decades of fulltime RV travel or suggested by our readers.

In my last blog about RV tips, I mentioned how important it was to know the actual height of your rig. Not just what the specs in the brochure say, but the actual height that you yourself got when you got up on the roof and measured it. I said to write that number down and post it on your dashboard so you could see it in a hurry when you approach a low overpass. Several blog readers suggested that if going into Canada you need to also post the rigs height in metrics and instead of trying to figure it out in your head at the last moment.

A multi-pocketed mesh shoe holder makes an excellent shower organizer for soap, shampoo, and hair conditioner. Attach it to your shower’s wall with suction cups and hooks through the grommets on the top, or run shower curtain hooks through the grommets and onto the shower curtain rod, if you have one.

Never, ever trust an RV’s electric steps. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve known who have been bruised or even worse when they opened the door and stepped out into thin air because the steps did not extend properly. Always look before you step!

Some campgrounds may have very high water pressure that can damage your RV’s plumbing system. Always use a brass water pressure regulator every time you hook up. Buy two of them, because sooner or later you are going to lose one.

Carry a squirt bottle filled with a 50/50 mixture of water and bleach in your water bay, and before you hook up to any campground connection water, first turn the faucet on for a few seconds to flush it, then liberally spray the outside and the inside of the faucet with the bleach. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve seen someone unhook their sewer hose from their RV and stick it under the fresh water faucet to rinse it out.

In my seminar How To Be A Smart RV Shopper I always tell people to go into the bathroom, close the door, and sit on the toilet. Then simulate taking care of the paperwork afterward. Is there enough room to do it? If you weigh more than 175 pounds, or are taller than average height, it can be difficult in some units. Likewise, take off your shoes and stand in the shower and simulate bathing. Is there enough room to do it comfortably? Lie down on the bed. Both of you. Now stay there for five minutes in your normal sleeping positions. How comfortable is it? Pull the slides in and try to squeeze past each other in the hallway. Is there room? What is a slight inconvenience when you are shopping for an RV can become a major irritation over time.

In hot weather you can add extra insulation to your RV’s windows with clear bubble wrap. Cut it to size, lightly dampen the inside of the window with a spray bottle of water, and press into place. Light still comes in, but a lot of heat stays outside.

Purchase some spring rods in different lengths and keep them handy. When the little plastic locking devices on kitchen drawers and pantry doors fail, and they will eventually, the rods can keep things in place while on the road until you can buy and install replacements.

If you are the ground guide helping the driver back into an RV site, always remember that if you can’t see their face in the rearview mirrors, he or she can’t see you either.

Velcro tape and ball bungee cords are your best friends. Surround yourself with them, because you’ll need them many times.

You can remove dead bugs quickly and easily from the front of your RV with a damp fabric softener sheet. They also come in handy to stick in dresser drawers and overhead cabinets to combat musty smells when the RV is in storage.

When you are boondocking, your gray water tank usually fills quicker than your black tank. Use a small plastic dishpan in your sink when doing dishes and dump that water into the toilet when you’re done instead of letting it go down the drain into the gray tank. Some people even use dishwater to flush the toilet, prolonging the periods between when they have to refill their freshwater tank.

Okay, that’s a dozen from me, now it’s your turn to share. Email me some of your favorite RV tips at editor@gypsyjournal.net and I may use them in a future blog.

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