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After reading yesterday’s blog Apples And Oranges, a reader wanted to know why we would take our new van all the way to Arizona and put all of those miles on it instead of driving our Ford Explorer. He said when he buys a new vehicle he does everything he can to keep the miles down for as long as he can.

I guess I’m just the opposite. We bought the Pacifica for road trips, and you can’t make a road trip without putting miles on. While the Explorer runs fine, it is a 2005 and has over 127,000 miles on the odometer, not counting the 80,000 or more miles we have towed it behind our Winnebago. To me it just makes sense to drive the newer, more reliable vehicle.

This kind of reminds me of our pre-fulltiming days. I was into classic cars and enjoyed displaying them at the local car shows. But mine were not garage queens, I bought them to enjoy, not just to look at. Some people could not believe I would routinely drive my 1969 Corvette Stingray and classic 1958 Chevy show truck to the store or to work.

I’ve always loved the movie Paint Your Wagon since I saw it the first time, back when I was in high school. In one of the songs from the soundtrack to that movie, Wand’rin’ Star, Lee Marvin sings that wheels were made for rollin’ and I’ve always agreed with that sentiment. That was close to 50 years ago, and Lord knows, I’ve rolled some wheels in my time.

Over the years I’ve met two or three fulltiming couples who had never been more than a couple of hundred miles from where they started out, because they didn’t want to put too many miles on their RV. Why did you buy it if you are not going to to drive it? It makes no sense to me, but to each their own. These are usually the same kind of people who won’t hang pictures on the walls because they’re afraid it will reduce the value of the rig when they decide to trade it in someday. I hate to tell them that they already lost a fortune in depreciation the moment they drove it off the dealer’s lot.

Another reader asked me what I meant in yesterday’s blog when I said that except for one place, we were quite pleased with our hotel accommodations during our trip out west and back. On the first night we stayed in a Microtel by Wyndham in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, and the second night we were at the Best Western Plus in Fort Stockton, Texas. On the return trip we stayed at the Hilton East in Tucson and the Hilton Garden Inn in Odessa, Texas and the Hampton Inn in Marshall, Texas. All of them were fine and we would return to any of them again. But when we got to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to visit my son Travis and his wife Geli we were sadly disappointed in the Baymont Inn and Suites. I must have screwed up because I thought it had a higher rating than it did, since both Trip Advisor and Yelp only gave it three stars. And I think that was very generous.

We checked in, dropped our bags off in the room and left to be with my son and his wife. Returning to the room late that evening, Terry stepped on a blueberry on the very threadbare and dingy looking carpet. Looking around, she found half a dozen or so more, and I discovered a used Kleenex next to the bed. Nasty! The place is really run down and definitely in need of refurbishing. To give you an example, here are pictures of the panel on the bathroom vanity that was falling off. We definitely won’t be staying there the next time we visit Tuscaloosa!

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Thought For The Day – Perspective is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

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  6 Responses to “Wheels Were Made For Rollin’”

  1. My husband and I bought a 57 thunderbird and enjoyed riding in it everyday for the six years we owned it. It was his regular ride to work. In the end we sold it for more than we paid for it.

  2. We are also off the road due to an accident with a big rig. We decided not to get another rig and to just travel like you did, in a new car and staying at hotels along the way. We have an 8 day trip coming soon. We will travel from our home in Virginia to Albany, New York, Niagara Falls and Philadelphia. We have reservations in all 3 places at Hampton Inns. We have one of their club cards and will earn points to use for other travels. While we enjoyed the motorhome we had, we are looking forward to being able to stay very close to the attractions we want to see.

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  4. Those pictures of the cabinets look like what you find in some newer RVs. Same build quality and workmanship.

  5. The blue berries & the used Kleenex would have been deal breakers for me—add the broken panel & I would have raised “h@#$”. But I’m sure you were both totally exhausted & way too tired to bother.

    Glenn & I stayed in a hotel one night that, upon my inspection, failed my “hair in the bathroom sink” test, among other things. When we complained, we were sent to a cleaner room, went to bed & slept soundly until the room phone woke us at 5:00 a.m. Front desk was unaware we had moved & told us we shouldn’t have. Long story short, after near blows with manager about paying vs. not paying & getting Discover involved, we did NOT pay!!!

  6. I also wonder why someone would use a shower house rather than their own bathroom. Of course that doesn’t count for a kitchen, I can always enjoy restaurants.

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