We Said We Wouldn’t

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Jul 162017

After our crazy three day 2150 mile trip from our home in Florida to Arizona following my daughter’s heart attack, we said we wouldn’t push so hard on the trip back home. Yeah, Nick, how’s that working for you?

With Tiffany home and making an amazing recovery thanks to the defibulator she had implanted, as well as the hundreds of prayers that people all over the country sent up for her (and for which we are all eternally grateful), we got news that our daughter-in-law Geli is facing her own potentially serious health issues. So, once we knew Tiffany was okay we headed for Alabama to be with Travis and Geli.

After a quick stop in Tucson to check up on my cousin Beverly, we took Interstate 10 east into New Mexico, making good time. We passed Steins ghost town, and thought of our friend Larry Link, who owned it with his wife and was slowly bringing the old settlement back to life as a tourist attraction. Some low life SOB murdered Larry there a few years ago, a crime that remains unsolved.

Coming into Las Cruces, Terry took a picture of the dramatic mountains that tower over the city.

We hate driving through El Paso, so we usually take the 375 Loop around the east side of town. But this time, instead of taking the bypass all the way, we left it at US Highway 180 and followed it 88 miles east, passing the salt deposits near the base of the Guadalupe Mountains that caused a small war back in the late 1800s.

Turning south on State Route 54, it was another 55 miles to Van Horn, where we rejoined Interstate 10. This route is a little longer, but it’s all nice two lane roads though some beautiful desert scenery.

Along the way we ran into a short rain squall and Terry took this awesome photo of the clouds and mountains.

We had planned to do the 1500 mile trip from Tucson to Tuscaloosa in 500 mile increments, which is too much in an RV, but easily manageable in a van. That would have put us in Pecos the first night. But I forgot that Pecos is in the middle of the oil patch, with drilling rigs and equipment everywhere.

It seems that the local businesses are doing everything they can to make a fortune off the oil field workers before the boom goes bust. Every hotel we checked was $180 or up. I don’t like Pecos enough to spend that kind of money just to sleep overnight. If you’ve ever been to Pecos, I think you’ll agree.

So we pushed on another 165 miles to Odessa, where the prices were about half of what they were demanding in Pecos. All told, it was a 647 mile day, and we were worn out all over again. We reminded ourselves that we said we wouldn’t do that anymore. I think we need to write that on a Post It and stick it on the dashboard of the van. Really, we’re not going to. Uh huh.

Thought For The Day – I’m sorry, did I roll my eyes out loud?

Nick Russell

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  16 Responses to “We Said We Wouldn’t”

  1. Praying for Geli and you son.

  2. Yikes. That’s a lot of miles in one drive! Though I adore the Guadalupe Mountains, it’s also a hot drive you just took. Maybe take it easier on this next leg?

  3. I see some photography in the future. Nice job on the pics. Prayers for the family.

  4. Hope everything is doing OK with her, more prayers are being sent.

  5. Hope everyone is doing ok???! Beautiful photos and such nice storyboards!

  6. When it rains, it pours. Hugs to all the family!!!

  7. Wow Nick the way you guys are going thru the states you should of bought a van with a bed and bathroom.
    Prayers go out to Geli and Travis. We are glad to hear Tiffany is feeling better and on the road to recovery.
    Safe travels to you and Terri.

  8. Prayers for your children all of them and for you and Terry trying to get to each of them when they need you.
    Jesus the ones you love need you now. Amen!

  9. No worries you’re almost there lol —

  10. You are a Traveling Man!

  11. Our prayers to you and your family
    Safe travels

  12. We spent the night in a motel in Van Horn once–that place is just an ugly town. A place to lay down and sleep, then move on. I’m glad you are able to be there for your kids, but man, you gotta slow it down, and not try to go so far in one day.

  13. Hi you two.
    You do manage to put on too many miles. But for good reasons. Let’s hope Geli’s
    issues turn out to be over rated. We need to put your daughters in the Masters hands. There is just something about that name. JESUS. I made some very long drives, once from my home in Waupaca, WI to Phoenix in 48 hours! Not recommended but then 52 years ago we were all crazy.
    Enjoyed your pictures again. Be safe.

  14. Prayers continuing for all of you!

  15. Glad there was no mention of mechanical or fuel issues with the van. Add the words “SAFE” and “COMMON SENSE” to your Post-it note.
    (((HUGS))) to You, Miss Terry, and your families.

  16. wow! Been in that area…Awesome pics of the storm. Pecos doesn’t have much to offer at all…… Hope your children will be fine and do slow down after this mission to see family.

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