Time To Go Home

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Jul 192017

It’s been a rough few weeks, starting with our trip from hell in early June when we made it as far as Shreveport, Louisiana before mechanical difficulties found us abandoning our plans to visit family in Arizona and then go on to the Oregon coast; we were only home a couple of weeks before getting the call that my daughter Tiffany had suffered two heart attacks, causing us to make an exhausting three day drive to northern Arizona to be with her; and then the news that our daughter-in-law, Geli, was having some medical issues here in northern Alabama, so we rushed back across the country to be with her and Travis.

The good news is that since she had the defibulator put in, Tiffany is doing much better, and while it will be a couple of weeks before Geli gets the final results back on the biopsy she had yesterday, things are looking good for her, too. We appreciate everybody’s prayers and positive thoughts for both girls.

And now, with things settling down a bit, Terry and I are ready to go home and get life back to normal. So today we will be heading back to Florida. It’s a long trip, about 580 miles. But I think we are both so eager to be home that once we get on the road we won’t want to stop until we get there. Hopefully we’ll sleep in our own bed tonight.

Thought For The Day – When a woman wears leather clothing a man’s heart beats faster, his throat gets dry, he gets weak in the knees, and he begins to have irrational thoughts. Do you know why? It’s because she smells like a new truck.

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  4 Responses to “Time To Go Home”

  1. That is a very long drive, take care.

  2. Safe travels …. it’s always a good feeling to be “home”.

  3. *women. (not girls!)

    I know. Even when they’re gown, they’re still our “kids”!

  4. Be Safe……..

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