The Tube Is Out!

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Jul 082017

Yesterday morning they took Tiffany off the sedation and removed her breathing tube. She was still pretty loopy, but communicating with family members and medical staff when we visited her. The nurses said they will probably move her out of ICU and into a regular room today.

Terry’s parents live down in Mesa, Arizona but keep their fifth wheel on a seasonal site at Hon Dah RV Park, a few miles from Show Low. They spend their summers here to escape the desert heat. Terry’s sister Dani also has a fifth wheel on a site here, but is still working and can only come up occasionally. When she heard we would be in town dealing with Tiffany’s illness she very graciously offered to let us stay in it, which is saving us a ton of money on lodging. We really appreciate that.

After visiting Tiffany we came back to the RV park and took Terry’s parent to lunch at Darbi’s, a great local restaurant. The whole area is packed with summer visitors and weekenders and we had a short wait for a table, but not very long.

After lunch we went back to their place for a while, then back to the hospital for a brief visit. We have always maintained a relationship with Jim Robinson, Tiffany’s first husband and the father of her two girls. We had seen 14 year old Hailey at the hospital, but Destiny is only 10, and there is an age restriction for kids under 12. So Jim invited us to come over and spend some time with Destiny. She has always been a Grandpa’s girl and came flying out to give Terry and I both lots of hugs when she saw us. She has sure gotten big since our last visit!

And that’s about all there is for today. We are still physically and emotionally worn down, and can feel the effects of coming from sea level to 7000 feet elevation. It’s time for bed for this old guy.

Oh, before I close, somebody asked me about the weekly drawing and my thought for the day. Here is the thought for the day, but I’m afraid that in our rush to get here I forgot to upload my files with the different book covers, Amazon codes, and such to my old laptop. So I’m afraid the weekly drawing program is on hold until we get home and life gets back to normal. I apologize.

Thought For The Day – Few men of action have been able to make a graceful exit at the appropriate time. – Malcolm Muggeridge

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  9 Responses to “The Tube Is Out!”

  1. So thankful to hear that Tiffany continues to improve. But will continue to pray for her and you and Terry for strength, peace and comfort.
    ~Betty Graffis

  2. We are happy to hear such good news about Tiffany’s progress. Nice you have a place to stay and get a decent rest. Having to stay in a motel after being in RV so long is a real pain. Continued prays for Tiffany, you and Terry.

  3. Good news! Don’t worry about weekly contest or the thought for the day… have more important things to do.

  4. Wow I would say there is sure no need to apologize.

    Glad to hear there is such improvement in Tiffany.

  5. Now it is important to be with your family. You can be there for all and especially for the grandchicks. The health of their parents are so important because that is the stability in their lives. Thankfully you can be there for them as well as Tiffany.

  6. Nick, as far as your readers are concerned YOU won the weekly drawing by having Tiffany show continued improvement. Now you get your equilibrium back and give Tiffany all the love you can. We will continue to pray for her complete recovery. Hugs to you and Terry.

  7. So happy to hear good news about Tiffany. Nice of Dani to let you use her 5th wheel – much more comfortable than a motel. Don’t worry about the drawing or thought for the day, pay attention to the more important stuff in your life right now. Prayers continue for you all.

  8. Thank you for the positive update on Tiffany. As you’ve always said, your plans are in jello, so even though this kind of trip wasn’t planned, and being worn out and tired after so many miles, we know you and Miss Terry are glad to be there for her. Continued prayers that each day she gets stronger.

  9. Nick & Terry, So glad to hear about Tiffany’s progress. Will update our prayer list. As far as the weekly drawing and thoughts for the day – in our humble opinion forget them for know you have enough on your plate right now, we can all survive without them until such time as Tiffany is out of the hospital and back on her feet. She is the most important thing right now….. Just our humble opinion. Mike & Reggi

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