Stood Up X2

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Jul 312017

Anybody want to buy a very nice motorhome? We thought we had two good prospects on our Winnebago and both of them stood us up this weekend. It was kind of like my dating life back in high school.

The first couple actually came by last Sunday, and after spending a lot of time asking questions and checking it out the said they would get back to us within the week. Then on Friday I exchanged emails with the husband, who said he would be in contact over the weekend. Not a word, so I guess they weren’t all that interested after all.

I emailed back and forth with another couple, answering a lot of questions and sending them photos, and on Tuesday they said they wanted to fly down from Atlanta and take a look at it Sunday. But then, just like the first couple, not a word after that. I understand that sometimes things don’t work out, but it would be nice to at least get a quick email saying they were going a different direction and telling us not to sit around and expect them.

At any rate, since the community rules say we can only leave the RV parked in front of our house for three or four days to load and unload, and it had been there over a week, yesterday we moved it back to the storage area.

We talked about putting it on consignment at an RV dealer, but I’ve heard some horror stories about folks who have done that, including one couple we know who put their beautiful truck conversion on consignment and basically had it disappear. It took them a lot of time and effort to finally track it down, and I don’t know that they ever did get all the money out of it they had coming. I would also have to talk to Chris Yust from C&C Insurance, who handles all of our insurance, to be sure we would be covered in a situation like that.

In the ads in some of the places where I have it advertised, I mentioned that I would consider a nice pontoon boat as part trade. Nothing has happened along that line, but I did have a fellow contact me about this gorgeous 1959 Mercury convertible, asking if I would be interested in it. There was a time when I would have jumped all over that deal, but my interests have changed. Besides, I can only put so much in the garage. Miss Terry said so.

Congratulations Pat Dugand, winner of our drawing for an autographed copy of Terry’s cookbook, Miss Terry’s Kitchen. We had 238 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – The average human body contains enough bones to make an entire skeleton.

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  17 Responses to “Stood Up X2”

  1. We were happy with the job PPL in Houston did selling our Class A. To us, it was worth driving it down from Minnesota to not have to deal with lookie loos and no shows and would you finance it for us folks.

  2. We’ve had only one serious interest in our 5th wheel. He was all set to drive from Colorado to Vermont in August to look at it. Problem is, he’s too tall for the bed. After we sent photos to show how crowded it would be between the foot of the bed and wall if he extended the bed, we never heard from him again. That’s not as bad as your situation, but still, it would be nice if people would have the courtesy to send an e-mail and let you know they are no longer interested.

  3. Sorry about your no-shows – it must be common
    I got a great deal on my Fifth Wheel as the seller refused my low ball in person offer, but after several no-shows he called me back 2 weeks later and we were able to negotiate a mutually acceptable compromise. I was the ONLY one who met him on his Father’s Farm lot where the RV was stored – which was a 45 minute drive for the seller (and almost 2 hours for me).

  4. We had a 57 mercury convertible just like these colors in. Think the caption/pic is not a 59.

  5. So sorry to hear you got stood up. I know exactly how you feel, it’s happened to me often enough. Good luck selling, if I hear of anyone, I’ll send them your way.

  6. I’m gonna go with 1959 on the Merc.

    We sold one MH on consignment, so we knew we wouldn’t see any money until they sold it. But it only took a month and we got a check, so no complaints here.

  7. It is a 1959. As I told Nick, my dad bought it new, it’s been in our family ever since. My brother and I restored it before he passed away. Its all original. The only reason I’m selling it is because we want to go fulltime and have no place to store it and I know how harmful it is to vehicles to let them sit in storage for long periods of time

  8. Nope, that is definitely a 57. Better check your title.

  9. Like I said, it’s been in my family since it was new. It’s a 1959. And yes, that’s what it says on the title

  10. Than your title is wrong. I’m a car guy and I know a 57 from a 59.

  11. Roger, not sure what the problem was, but I finally got your earlier comment to post. Greg, I think the man knows what kind of car he has, lets end the debate now, okay?

  12. You guys are both idiots. I’m done here.

  13. Yes you are, Greg. Yes you are.

  14. Wow, now even on your own blog Nick. Have you posted in the Escapees classifieds? Really surprised it hasn’t sold yet.

  15. Greg’s right…1957 Merc. The front end is all wrong for a 1959.

  16. Car guys. It’s hard to let go…
    I was ready to climb onto the “1959” team because of the dual headlights. The “eyebrows” seemed strange, and the fins were too narrow.
    I found this site “”
    That would have been an upscale with bigger pricetag so it could have been on the dealers lot for awhile before the first sale/registration. Dealers had much more freedom to adjust information on paperwork back then than today.
    I like to look at and ride in ragtops, but have no interest in owning one.
    At least after this little research exercise, if I see one at Hot August Nights next week in Reno I will have a better clue what I’m looking at.

  17. For some reason nobody leaves messages anymore, when they are no longer interested or something better comes up they just let it drop. I guess they are overloaded or too lazy for common courtesy. I hate it so much I still return calls to tell activity directors we are no longer on the road– even though most of them never return calls… it’s a dying art.

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