Jul 052017

Nick and Terry made Fort Stockton this evening, planning on getting to Show Low, AZ tomorrow sometime.

But they did get to stop for lunch with Jan and I here in Columbus, TX before getting back on the road.

Nick’s daughter continues to show some improvement, so things are looking up.



Nick Russell

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  9 Responses to “More From The Road . . .”

  1. Thanx for keeping us up to date. Glad that you and Jan we’re able to be on the route and able to do lunch with them
    Thoughts and prayers are with all.

    Safe journeys

  2. I am checking every day. Watch out for the fires! Mt Lemmon was evacuated Monday. They are springing up everywhere. Travel safe and Godspeed.

  3. Greg thanks for keeping us up to date. Glad to see a little smile on Nicks face. Nick and Terry — we are thinking of you , be safe on your long trip and hope your daughter improves keeps on improving.

  4. Thank you for the update. Prayers for a complete recovery and their safe travels go with them.

  5. Thank you Greg for keeping us up to date. I say a special prayer for Tiffany every night and many times daily.

  6. Greg thank you for the updates. Our prayers are still with them to be safe and Tiffany to be able to recover soon. God Bless

  7. Thanks, Greg, for keeping us posted and for supporting Nick and Terry in this way during this trying time. And thanks, Nick, for caring about all of us enough to ask Greg to keep us up to date. Good to hear Tiffany continues to improve.

  8. Praying for y’all to stay safe and for Tiffany to have a full recovery. Appreciate Greg for keeping us up to date.

  9. Thanks for keeping us up dates Greg, and Terry & Nick be safe and our prayers for your daughter.

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