Jul 102017

The nurses at the hospital are calling my daughter Tiffany their miracle case because she is recovering so quickly. A week ago they did not know if she would survive. Yesterday she was up and walking around and they say she may get to go home soon!

When we got to the hospital yesterday Tiffany seemed like her old self again, alert, smiling and laughing. She may not think this is the most flattering picture ever taken of her, but to me it’s beautiful.

Terry and I went for a walk with her and bumped into the three nurses who were with her when she was first brought in, and when she coded the second time. They were amazed to see how much she has improved since the defibulator was put in. One of them said there was a point where they didn’t know if she would make it, and if she did, whether she would suffer any long term impairment.

She’s not completely out of the woods yet, and there are some concerns about long term kidney damage do to her lack of potassium, which her body seems to be rejecting, but she truly is a walking, talking miracle.

In other news, I wrote in yesterday’s blog that Terry’s sister Dani was up here on assignment for the medical air evac company she works for. When she got off duty yesterday morning she met us and their parents, Pete and Bess Weber, for breakfast. We all wished the third sister, Lisa, could have been there, too. Hopefully another time.

Thought For The Day – Today’s three-year-olds can turn on a laptop and select their favorite app. When I was three, I ate dirt.

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  10 Responses to “Meet The Miracle Girl”

  1. Best picture yet. Smiling dad and smiling daughter. So glad she is doing so much better. May her days be filled with healing, love, and more hugs from the love that surrounds her.

  2. Looking Great!!!!

  3. After being so sorry this happened in the first place, I’m so pleased this is going well for you and your family. 🙂

  4. This is wonderful news!! We hope both grandchildren can visit their mother now. Healing can truly begin then.

  5. It is a beautiful picture of both of you and I hope she gets to go home very soon.

  6. Praise the Lord. . .all the time!

  7. So wonderful to see Tiffany looking so well!

  8. Miracles do happen and I’m so glad one happened for your daughter.

    Re: Your quote of the day. I know a three-yr.-old who’s pretty good with a smart phone too. She has posted a picture of her brother on FB and bought a couple things on Amazon….small, inexpensive things, thankfully. I’d say the message to her parents is to log out of FB and Amazon when they’re finished with them! And maybe keep the phones out of her reach for at least another ten years.

  9. So happy to see the picture of you and Tiffany and your smiling faces and read the wonderful news about her progress. I am sure that positive attitude and fighting spirit will help her recover.

  10. So great to see you with your little girl!

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