It’s Been Rough

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Jul 072017

Thank you to all of you for your e-mails, blog comments, Facebook posts, and especially for your prayers as we have dealt with my daughter’s medical condition. It’s been rough, but her medical team tells us the crisis is mostly behind us and the outlook is good. A MRI and an angiogram shows no evident neurological or heart damage.

Yesterday afternoon Tiffany had a defibulator surgically implanted, which the doctors said was absolutely necessary because without it she could go into cardiac arrest at any given time. Today they plan to take her off the sedation and remove her breathing tube. She will have a long, sometimes painful recovery, but she will recover, and that is all that matters.

As for Terry and I, we are exhausted. We left our home in Florida Monday morning, drove 800 miles the first day, 750 the next, and 650 the third, arriving here in Show Low, Arizona at 5 p.m. local time. That kind of schedule was rough when we were youngsters, but as old farts, it’s even worse. But it was worth it to have Tiffany open her eyes when we got to the hospital. She was heavily sedated, but could squeeze our hands when we asked her to, or blink her eyes in response to questions. I have to tell you that this old guy has shed some tears in the last few days, but none compared to when she could do that.

I’m going to wrap this up because I’m so tired I can’t focus on the screen. But I will try to get back in the swing of things as much as possible. Again, thank you all for being there for us, for your patience with the problems in getting the new issue out, and a very big thank you to Greg White for filling in for me to keep you all updated.

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  1. That’s wonderful news, Nick. Catch up on your rest first, Tiffany, then GJ as you are able. We love ya’ll and want the best for you. Take care.

  2. Continued prayers.

  3. Nick I’ve been living with ICDs for 14 years and they (4 so far) have done their job 6 times that can I remember. Great device definitely beats the alternative. Our continued prayers for Tiffany, you and your family.

  4. Great news ,,,,but rest and please focus On immediate family first

  5. I echo the above wishes for Tiffany’s continued recovery. And, Terry – you get some rest. You looked absolutely exhausted in the photo in Columbus when you had lunch with Greg and Jan! Take it day by day. It will be a slow process for Tiffany, but God knows best. Hugs and kisses to you both .With the two of you there by her side, all things are possible! Love to you both.

  6. Hugs and prayers for continued improvement and healthy recovery. May both of you get rest now, and give her the love and closeness to comfort her during her healing. We are so happy for you both that she is coming out of this. Whew!

  7. Great news and hope you get some rest.

  8. Prayers have been answered. Thank God. Prayiing she will have contnued recovery in the days to come and will be good as newreal soon. Thanks for keeping us updated and you and Terry take care of yourselves – ya hear?

  9. God answers prayers. Best wishing for the whole family Nick.

  10. Great news. Get some rest. If you need anything contact me. I am in Pinedale for the summer.

  11. Glad things are looking brighter.Both of you rest up,all old farts need it sometimes!!

  12. Thats great news! Wishing the best for you & your family.

  13. This sound like very good news. So happy to hear she is doing better.

  14. The prayers have been answered. Our Lord is Great.
    Get some needed rest.

  15. Continued improvement IN OUR PRAYERS….Do keep Us posted when You are Able. HUGE TEXAS SIZED HUGS TO ALL YOUR FAMILY !!

  16. So glad to hear the good news about Tiffany. Don’t worry about GJ or anything else. Good wishes and prayers will continue.

  17. So glad to hear she is recovering! I’m sure it helps her to have you both there for support. Take care of yourselves!

  18. Continued prayers for Tiffany’s recovery and strength for all of you. You and Miss Terry Try to catch up on your rest. Family first. Other things can wait.

  19. Glad to see you back here but go take a nap NOW! Your family needs you. We can wait.

  20. Great news !

  21. So happy to read your post, good news. Even though we don’t know Tiffany, tell her she’s loved and all of us care about her…you two too! Get rest and take care of yourselves.

  22. Your daughter is blessed with the comfort of having you there with her, and I “ditto” all of the sentiments above,
    ….and since I have a daughter about that age, I can’t imagine the stress of the traveling you have done to be by her side while covering the miles.
    God has most certainly been there for all of you, and my Prayers for all of you will continue relentlessly. I would love to hear more about your daughter, and will look forward to your updates and her progress.
    May all of you rest ‘just a little bit easier’ and be able to catch your breath after this very scary experience. We are reminded to continue to live our life to the fullest each day, and truly hope that being Covered in Prayer will bring you good news daily and keep you all safe and healthy while you are loving your daughter back to good health!!

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