I Spoke Too Soon

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Jul 012017

A couple of days ago I mentioned to somebody that ever since I flushed the coils on our air conditioner/heat pump, and then a week later thoroughly cleaned them with coil cleaner and flushed them again, the unit has been working great. Well, apparently I spoke too soon.

When we got up yesterday morning I noticed it was warmer than usual in the house, and when I put my hand in front of one of the air conditioning vents there was only a little bit of air coming through, and it wasn’t cold. Rut roh!

I went outside and I could tell just by the sound of how hard it was working that the darned thing had iced up again. And when I took the cover off, sure enough, the coils and tubes were covered in a thick coat of ice.

In the past when this happened, if I turned the unit off and left the top cover off for a few minutes the ice would start melting off and be gone pretty quickly. Then, if I set the cover back on top but left it offset so there was about a three or four inch gap from being totally closed, I could turn it on and it would work okay. Not quite as efficiently as it should, but okay.

Not this time around. It took a long time for the ice to melt off, then when I turned it back on it quickly froze up again. We change the filters religiously and there is no blockage in the ductwork, which led me to believe that the problem has to be low freon. Just to be sure, I consulted with two people I know in the heating/AC business, and they both agreed. Of course, this had to happen on the Friday of a holiday weekend, which should not surprise me since the first time it did this was on Memorial Day weekend.

I got a couple of references from local people, and called one shop to see if they could come out and take a look at it. The owner said they were swamped yesterday and he did not know if he could get to me, but promised he would this morning. Hopefully he will, because the temperature has been in the low 90s and looks like it’s going to stay there for the next week or so, at least. We have some big fans going, and a couple of ceiling fans, so while it was pretty warm in the house, it was not unbearable. And what the heck, it gives me an excuse to eat some ice cream!

Besides messing with the air conditioner, the only other thing I did yesterday was work on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. I knocked out nine pages yesterday, and still have six left to go. If I work hard and don’t have any other interruptions, it should be finished, proofed, formatted, and sent out to our subscribers sometime late Sunday. That’s still a day behind schedule, and I apologize for the delay.

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Thought For The Day – Just before I die I plan to swallow a bag of popcorn kernels. My cremation is going to be epic!

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  6 Responses to “I Spoke Too Soon”

  1. My guress is that your ac unit is low on freon. Probably has a slow leak somewhere. Yes, this could cause the coil to ice up.

  2. Why not move the coach over by the house plug it in and run the AC

  3. Been there, done that, only mine had too MUCH freon. Good luck. It’s no fun being hot … just ask me!!!

  4. Every time we had ice on our A/C there has been a Freon leak. Hopefully your guy will find and fix the leak; not just refill the Freon like our guy did.

  5. Nick, we have been parked in the driveway of our Florida home for several months while the house is being renovated and the motorhome AC has kept us comfortable. I had a 50 amp receptacle installed and I have a macerator and a water line from the house to the RV. I have become so comfortable here that I am not sure I want to move into the house when renovations are finished. ?
    Maybe it’s time to move into the rv for a few days, you have some beautiful state parks near you.

  6. Bill B – Hmmm… got the Airstream all sorted out, then you return to the house to break things there!! Me thinks it is NOT the items that break, more like the an ownership problem. NICK owns it and it’s going to break.

    That, together with infamous weather challenges —Sometimes you remind me of that famous person of yor, Joe Btfsplk. Just in case you may not recall –



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