Déjà Vu

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Jul 182017

Terry and I had a sense of déjà vu as we drove through Shreveport and Bossier City and then on across Louisiana. Didn’t we just take this route in our Winnebago motorhome a month earlier when we returned home from our aborted trip out west? Oh yeah, I remember it well!

Anytime I drive Interstate 20 through Shreveport, or Interstate 40 across northern Arizona and New Mexico, or the Indiana Toll Road, or a dozen other main highways, I wonder why Interstate 10 in southern Louisiana has such a bad reputation. Yes, it has some rough patches, no question about it. But it’s no worse than a lot of other highways in the country that are deteriorating along with the rest of our infrastructure.

We rolled across Louisiana making good time and crossed the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. There are two bridges, side by side, one for vehicles and one for trains, and when we stopped at the Visitor Center, Terry found a good spot to take some photos of the twin spans.

The sky had been dark all morning and as we were leaving Jackson, Mississippi it started to rain. For the rest of the way into Tuscaloosa, Alabama we had periods of heavy rain, then it would let up for a while and start all over again. At times visibility was greatly reduced and we slowed down, but that didn’t stop a bunch of idiots from blowing past us at high speeds. And some of them paid the price for their foolishness. In the space of about ten miles we saw three different cars that had spun out and went off the road. We didn’t see any serious damage, and hoped they learned a lesson about driving in such poor conditions.

Eventually we made our way to Tuscaloosa, checked into a hotel, and then went to see my son Travis and his wife Geli. Tomorrow I’ll stay with Travis and Terry will go with Geli while she has a biopsy done, so once again we need more prayers and positive thoughts from all of you.

Assuming everything goes okay with that, we plan to head home in a day or two. I have a potential buyer who wants to come and look at our motorhome and I want to get it ready to show him. We miss our comfy home and are more than ready to get back to it and to our normal routines.

Thought For The Day – Have you ever met somebody and wondered, “How did they fit all that stupid into one person?”

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  7 Responses to “Déjà Vu”

  1. You have certainly had your share of potentially bad news lately. I’m saying prayers for Geli and wish her best.

  2. Prayers for Geli and hoping for nothing but the best. Home is a good thing, even if its mobile or stationary. We now have both and enjoy it that way also. It appears you do too!

  3. So, what is your opinion on traveling motel style? We love to travel but cannot get used to laying on sheets that who knows what has been going on. Also snuggling in with blankets by your chin. I just can’t do it.

  4. Prayers continue for Tiffany and we’ll add Geli to our list. You and Terry have certainly been through some life-changing challenges lately. Hugs to all.

  5. Your family is in my thoughts & prayers.

  6. I’ve never understood why our government gives away so much money to foreign countries while our own crumbles around us. It’s high time to cut them off and invest in our own country. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome on Geli’s biopsy.

  7. Hope all turns out right with Geli. You are Terry are good parents to be so supportive.

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