Jun 262017

We have been on the go so much lately that we really needed a day at home just to recharge our batteries and get caught up on things around here. So we never left the house yesterday, which was just fine with both of us.

We slept in a bit and then after breakfast we checked the measurements for where the new Speed Queen washer and dryer are going to go. As it turns out, we need to raise the dryer up about two inches so the door will clear a step in front of it when it is opened. That will not be a problem, we will get some 3/4 inch plywood cut to the proper size and layer it together to make a base.

With that detail done, I called the appliance store and finalized the deal. They will be delivered sometime Tuesday.

Then I answered a bunch of emails that had come in, including one long rant from somebody who was irate because he had to pay a toll on the New Jersey Turnpike. He said he had never had to pay a toll before in his life because they don’t have them where he comes from, and since he was not a resident of New Jersey and did not vote for the turnpike, he felt it was unfair that he had to pay. He said some stuff about taxation without representation, but by then I was bored and stopped reading. I replied that maybe he should just stay in his home state, where there are no toll roads.

Another email was from a lady complaining about a couple in the RV park where she is staying who have a large dog of some kind, whom she has encountered on her daily walks. She said she likes dogs, but this one is overly friendly and wants to jump up on her every time they pass by. She said the owners do have the dog on a leash, but don’t do anything to control it. All they do is just say “Don’t worry, he’s friendly.” Yeah, so what if he’s friendly? I met a friendly elephant one time but I darn sure didn’t want it jumping on me! Folks, if you are going to travel with an animal, be a responsible pet owner. Your mutt may be the greatest dog in the world and you may love it to death, but that is no excuse for allowing it to jump all over people.

With the email out of the way, I parked myself in from my computer to work on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. Our aborted RV trip messed my schedule up and I’m going to have to really hustle to get it out by my deadline of July 1. While I was doing all of that, Miss Terry was working her way through a huge stack of paperwork.

Then, about 4:30 in the afternoon our friend Jim Lewis stopped by with his cousin Gail and her husband Larry, who had been visiting him over the weekend. We chatted with them for an hour or so, and then they left to go back to their place in Land O Lakes, about 150 miles southwest of us.

I got all comfy in my recliner to watch the evening news, and the next thing I knew Miss Terry was waking me up to tell me that dinner was ready. And what a dinner it was! Delicious roast beef, mashed potatoes, made from scratch gravy, corn for me and steamed spinach for her. Yummy!

Today we have to run some errands and get the plywood for the platform for the new dryer. Then when we get back home I’ll be back to work on the new issue of the paper. And that’s pretty much all I’ll be doing for the next few days.

Congratulations Bruce Fay, winner of our drawing for a one year subscription to www.OvernightRVParking.comWe had 226 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – The joy of travel is in the wandering. – Joe Robinson

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “We Never Left The House”

  1. Why do people send you emails to complain about something? I don’t understand that. Are you supposed to fix all these problems? Just because I read your blog I should email you about my neighbor parking on our corner of our lawn?

  2. Isn’t it funny you need to pay to subscribe to a list of “Free Overnight Parking”?
    Kinda takes the “FREE” out of that!

    Like Sally I wondered too what the h… are you the great “fixer” like in the Godfather movies?

  3. It will probably be too late by the time you read this. . .but for future reference.

    The horse stall pads from Tractor Supply make awesome mats for stuff, and they are basically imperviable to everything. We cut ours to size with a utility knife.

  4. Nick, better idea for your platform. Cut the plywood to make four 3 inch strips. Make it into a square. Place a layer on top of that and you have a 3 & 3/4 inch lift. If it ever gets damaged with water, you just replace it. Keeps any water damage from the bottom of the dryer. Learned this from a contractor who did that under my custom built cabinets in my stick and brick home.

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