Okay, Plan B

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Jun 092017

You have heard me say it before and I guarantee you will hear me say it again – always have a Plan B. And it doesn’t hurt to have a Plan C and a Plan D, too, just in case. You never know when they will come in handy.

Our original plan (Plan A) was to leave today to begin our summer travels. But as it turns out, that’s not going to happen for a variety of reasons. The first of those reasons is the time we lost dealing with the bedroom slide and the battery issues on our Winnebago motorhome.

After putting a three stage smart charger on the house battery bank Wednesday night, I was very happy to see that the Lifeline AGM batteries had come back up to full power. After unhooking the charger we turned some of our LED lights on, and ran the roof vent fans all day long and they stayed fully charged. And with the batteries fully charged, the slide room now works fine! So hopefully, those issues are resolved.

Of course, until we are actually out on the road we don’t know how the batteries are going to hold up. Hopefully we won’t have to find a shop along the way to replace them, but we will see how it goes.

We also lost time due to the heavy rainfall we have had the last few days. Our area of central Florida has been in a massive drought, but this week while we’ve been trying to get the motorhome ready to go, it has poured every day. That slows things down when you’re hauling stuff up to the RV and getting yourself and everything you’re carrying soaked in the process. Somebody said it was the state crying because we are leaving. That’s probably not the reason, but it is a nice thought.

Combine those issues with the fact that our accountant had some last-minute items to finish up for us and was planning to work late into the night to get it done before we took off, it was just easier to tell her to relax and finish it this morning. We probably could still meet with her, come back and get the last little bit we need loaded into the motorhome, and take off sometime in the afternoon, but I think we’d rather just stay one more day and leave earlier on Saturday.

As I said in a blog the other day, over the last few months we have purchased a lot of stuff that will go into the RV and stay there, like kitchen items and such so that we won’t have to continue to haul them back and forth after each trip. I’m glad of that, because this isn’t much fun.

Terry and I are both a little apprehensive about getting back on the road after sitting still so long. That motorhome sure seems big after not driving it for so long! Somebody said it’s just like riding a bicycle. Well yeah, I guess so, if a bicycle was 40 feet long and weighed 32,000 pounds.

And to be honest, we are both somewhat reluctant to go because we have settled so comfortably into our house here. But we both agree that once we get into the swing of things again, it will be fine. A friend asked what we would do if we found out that we just really don’t enjoy traveling that much anymore. I told him that the same highway that takes us out of Florida goes right back in the other direction whenever we are ready.

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Thought For The Day – Love the people who treat you right, forget the ones who don’t, and believe everything happens for a reason.

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  10 Responses to “Okay, Plan B”

  1. Understand what your saying about hitting the road again. This is aour 2nd year of wintering in North central Florida and after parking for 5 months (we still live in our trailer) it takes some gumption to get back on the road again. We are planning on being ready to hit the road to Texas on the 16th for my June 30th retirement. It’s a little daunting to get things rolling again but after a while miles we realize pretty quickly why we travel. Best to you both on your travels.

  2. We purchased our winter home in 2006. The internal conflict only gets worse. We haven’t solved it yet.We have learned to keep notes so we don’t have the same discussion over and over. We even tried force field analysis. We have learned that when you want to go you also don’t want to leave and when you want to leave you also don’t want to go. Helpful, heh? A magic carpet or a pair of ruby red slippers would be perfect. Happy travels.

  3. Maybe it time ti size down on your motor home.
    What ever you decide to do I will always read your blog, you are like family now.

  4. We did not full time as long as you and Terri, but we had an RV since we had been married 1 year. Three years ago health caused us to move into a house. We have loved it but bought a 24′ Born Free. Short trips but an established place is nice. The best of 2 worlds. Good luck in getting back on road.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one with that apprehension. The good thing is it only takes 15 minutes on the road to get back in the swing. I start out slower than normal, but in no time I’m up to speed. Keep your list handy for setting up when you get to your first stop … and watch your head … I sometimes forget I’m supposed to duck under those slides. Course it only takes one whack on the head to remember them next time!!

  6. Hey Nick, this is probably just echoing what you have already been told, but when we bought a mortgage on a townhouse and parked our 1990 MCI conversion exactly 4 years ago after 6 years of full timing, someone told me to do two things with the house batteries: 1) disconnect them so that nothing would be bleeding off the charge. 2) reconnect them and plug into shore power for 24 hours minimum at least once a month in order to maintain charge.

  7. Best of luck on your travels Nick and Terry. After 19 years of half-timing it, we went through all you describe! Double everything so lots less lugging. Kept the motor home in winter storage while we planned our next adventure. Days to weeks getting ready to hit the road again. Start out slow; rev up the courage; roll-on. Then one day, and you will know it when it comes, you decide to stay put and be grateful for all the wonderful memories. In the meantime, enjoy every minute and stay safe. We keep following.

    Best Regards,
    Chuck and Claire
    Retired RVers

  8. We try to take the rig out once a month for a weekend or more, just to keep in practice. We joined our local SKP chapter and one other club, which provides a short rally almost every month.

  9. Hi Nick,
    Before we started full timing our motorhome was parked next to the house and we would go out camping one weekend a month. That kept all the batteries and oils lubricated.
    Hope everything comes together for you and Terri. Safe travels and maybe we can see you in Oregon Coast.

  10. If you plan on going to Texas, go to Texas,make it your vacation if you want to continue to Arizona,, enjoy your extended vacation
    Whether it be the Pacific Northwest or the Great Lakes
    Every trip has a reverse button so whether you go or come back or stay you’ve made the The best choices for you
    PS how come it didn’t rain today ?

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