Goodbye Miss Kay

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Jun 142017

The RV world has lost its queen. Kay Peterson, who co-founded the Escapees RV Club with her late husband Joe in 1978, has passed away. We’re going to miss you, Miss Kay.

Terry and I were very fortunate to have met Kay many times over the years at Escapade RV rallies and at Rainbow’s End in Livingston, Texas. And as anybody who ever had the pleasure of her company will tell you, she was one of the sweetest and most gracious women who ever lived. When Miss Kay talked to you, she talked to you! She wasn’t always looking over your shoulder to see who else wanted some of her time, you were the person she was talking to and you were who mattered.

Kay lived a full life. In her 90 years she saw a lot of heartbreak, but even more love, business success, personal achievement, and dreams realized. Besides her involvement in the growth and day-to-day operation of the Escapees before passing the torch on to her daughter Cathie Carr and her husband Bud, Kay also wrote hundreds of inspiring articles for the Escapees magazine, she authored several books, and she was the most popular speaker at Escapade rallies. She was also a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to her family.

But in a lot of ways Kay was a mother or grandmother to all of us. She had more love in her heart than was possible for her tiny body to hold, so she was always giving it to others. She always seemed to know just the right words to put a smile on someone’s face, to lift their spirits when they were down, and to make them feel special. Miss Kay had a wonderful sense of humor and brought laughter to many of our lives.

You always hear somebody talking about someone who was loved by all. Sometimes those are mere words, but not in Kay Peterson’s case. That wonderful lady truly was loved by all of us, and she will be missed. But her legacy will live on in the Escapees organization, in the Escapees CARE program that she was instrumental in creating, in her books, and most importantly in her children and grandchildren and the generations that will follow.

Rest in peace, sweet lady. I know Joe will be glad to see you once again.

Thought For The Day – It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

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  1. One of my great honors early in my career as a rally seminar presenter was at my first Escapade when Miss Kay came to sit in the front row of each of my 3 shows in spite of her busy schedule. I second your fond farewell.

  2. Thank you.

  3. Right on, Nick! Kay Peterson sure was an inspiration to everyone. I encourage all of you to read her autobiography, “Beating the Odds.” You wouldn’t believe all this lady went through in her early years. Most people would have been broken forever, but she overcame it and went on to do great things.

  4. What beautiful words to honor such a beautiful lady. May her memory be Eternal in the hearts of all RVers who knew her or have read her wonderful words and her books and in the escaping magazine or have heard her at one of the many rallies that she spoke at. She had a life well-lived.

  5. Even at the 57th Escapade in Tucson miss Kay was still very sharp witted and entertaining. Even the night of her 90th Birthday celebration she was as you said focused on those that stopped by to talk with her. R.I.P. Dear Kay.

  6. Very nice eulogy, Nick. Miss Kay was certainly everything you said, and meant more to everyone who read her autobiography, “Beating the Odds,” as Joyce mentioned. She was a diamond in the rough and all the challenges she went through enhanced the beautiful layers of character below. When she and Joe found each other and got married, they faced the challenges of a blended family together and succeeded to expose the true value of life hidden inside. They showed the world that life on wheels could be a wonderful thing, and so many of us followed their example. She lived each day fully and left a legacy impossible to beat. Her influence lives on through all the lives she touched. We’re blessed to have known her.

  7. I am so happy that I was able to meet both Joe and Kay Peterson at Escapades. I have wonderful memories of the love and laughter. Kay was especially funny during her presentations. Joe and Kay are both now RVing the universe.

  8. Wonderful thoughts penned about a very special lady. I have left comments on various Facebook pages as each of us have learned of Miss Kay’s passing She epitomized the CARING and SHARING family we call the Escapees. Yes, her legacy has been passed on to others but we know she and Joe are sharing new stories around a heavenly campfire and there are lots of listeners enjoying their tales.
    RIP Miss Kay

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