Getting A Lot Done

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Jun 022017

We spent yesterday getting a lot of little chores done around the house that we wanted to have out of the way before we start prepping the motorhome for traveling.

For some reason, the night before, my phone kept chirping with notifications of emails and messages received, to the point where I finally turned it off. I mean, do I really need to get an email at 4:15 a.m.? We are on Eastern time, and if somebody sent it from the Pacific time zone, it would still be 1:15 a.m. their time. The only people I communicate with at that hour of the night (or early morning, actually) are Greg White and Chris Yust, because I know they are both night owls like me.

When I got up in the morning and turned my phone back on I saw there was apparently some kind of a problem with my email server. I had 117 emails waiting for me, and many of them came in with two or three, or even four duplicates of the same email, and it showed them all being sent the same time. Other duplicate emails seem to have gone out every 10 or 15 minutes, just like clockwork. As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, other emails disappeared when I tried to open them. I checked with Greg and he said it was some sort of email server problem.

One of the emails that disappeared was a long one asking for feedback on van campers, I believe. The subject line on another was RV GPS units, and a third was somebody asking about camping at fairgrounds and VFW posts. If any of you sent these, please send them again so I can reply to you.

Our 2005 Ford Explorer had about 350 miles to go before it was due for its next oil change. Rather than wait and then try to find someplace wherever we might be at that time, I took it to Leon’s Automotive, here in Edgewater. It’s a family-owned garage, with the second and third generation involved in the business, and they have been very good about taking care of anything we need done. Even if it costs a couple of bucks more, I’d much rather do business with somebody like that than one of those quick lube chain outfits.

While they were at it, I had them give the SUV a good going over, checking all of the belts and hoses and such in case they needed any attention. As it turned out everything was good, so hopefully we won’t have any problems while we are traveling this summer. The Explorer has 107,000 miles on the odometer, and that doesn’t count the many thousands of miles it has been towed behind our Winnebago. There’s something to be said for good preventive maintenance.

Back at home, I did my mile on the treadmill, then took the covers off of our air-conditioner/heat pump unit and cleaned the coils thoroughly with a coil cleaning solution. Some of you may remember that when it started freezing up a while back I followed the advice of two AC techs and washed and flushed the coils. Since then there have not been any problems, but I figured with us being gone for three or four months, it couldn’t hurt to do it again.

While I was busy with all that, Miss Terry was doing some last-minute organizing of things that need to go back into the motorhome. To avoid packing and unpacking trip after trip, we have purchased duplicates of many things that will go in the RV and stay there so we don’t have to spend a lot of time carting them back and forth all the time.

As seems to happen just about every day, in the afternoon strong storms came through the area and our phone alerts were going off. But as usual they split, the bulk of them going north and south of us and leaving us with lots of thunder rumbles and just a few sprinkles. I hope that pattern continues for a while longer, but with my luck it will start pouring here while we’re busy getting the Winnebago prepped and loaded to hit the road.

Speaking of weather, I figured something out last night. Those of you who have been following the blog and the Gypsy Journal for very long know that I always seem to bring the bad weather with me wherever I go. It can be sunshine and blue skies someplace for weeks on end, but when I show up they get torrential rains and flooding. Once, when we were having one of our rallies in Yuma, they got more than a year’s normal rainfall on the day we were parking a couple hundred RVs for the rally. So then why do the storms keep missing us here in Florida? It’s simple – Nick is here. Think about it. They normally get a good amount of rain in this area. Then I bought a house here, and now they are having the worst drought they have had in 75 years. If I can flood the desert, why is anybody surprised that I can take a lush, green place like this and turn it dry and barren?

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  6 Responses to “Getting A Lot Done”

  1. DANG! We scheduled ourselves for the Oregon coast this summer. I’m thinking tsunami ? I’ll keep an eye out for those little blue evacuation route signs.

  2. Nick. Could you swing through Southern California ? We arr heading into fire season.

  3. We remember that Yuma rally. Miss them.

  4. The Yuma rally was a lot of fun. The parking crew did a great job.

  5. HNick – You are doing now what us some-timers or snowbirds have been doing
    for years. In case you may have missed something we have 2 sets of sheets,
    towels only for RV, silverware, utensils, frying pans, pots, coffee maker;
    toaster,electric frypan, toothpast, soap, shampoo, curling iron (don’t forget that one),
    razor, vacuum cleaner, broom,etc. You get the idea. If you do forget something
    there is usually a Wally World around the corner. Safe travels.

  6. Nick before you go,, don’t forget to give the boat key to Jim If he brings the beer I know the fishing spots
    And don’t worry we don’t need your truck, ours come with tow hitches already
    And as for the sonic home alarm,,, don’t worry we can have it out the door and close before the cops get there
    O,,, an you did fill it up with gas,, right

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