May 202017

As I said in yesterday’s blog, we purchased a SimpliSafe security system for our house and yesterday Terry and I installed it. It was a quick and fairly easy process, just like their advertisements say,

The first step was setting up the base station, which receives signals from all the different sensors we installed and transmits to the company’s monitoring hub. Setting it up basically consisted of plugging it in. Even I could do that.

Then we installed a keypad near our front door, and another one at the door between the garage and Terry’s loom room, which is how we usually come and go from the house.

We also installed entry sensors on the doors. Everything attaches with 3M double sided tape, or you can use screws if you prefer.

Next we installed motion sensors throughout the house. I was also going to buy glass break sensors, but the tech I was working with at SimpliSafe to design our system said that would be redundant.

And this is a 105 decibel siren. That alone should scare off any intruder. We also installed panic alarm buttons in a couple of places, and security cameras. All in all, I think we are well protected.

Everything is pretty much plug and play. You mount the sensors or whatever, remove the tab to activate them, and the base station tells you the new component is wirelessly connected and working.

The only snag we ran into was that even though we are less than a mile away from a tower, the Verizon signal here is very flaky and can’t be depended upon. When I activated SimpliSafe’s monitoring, they could not get a reliable signal. I had expected this, since our Verizon cell phones are so undependable here at the house. Sometimes we will have three bars of signal and five minutes later we won’t have any.

I called SimpliSafe’s tech support, which has been very easy to work with, and after running a couple of signal tests the person I was working with said they will send me out a new T-Mobile module, which is supposed to be better for our specific area. He wasn’t sure if it would get to us before Monday, so until then we can use the system, it just won’t be remotely monitored.

Overall we are very pleased with the equipment and the quality of service we have seen so far from SimpliSafe. I think it’s going to turn out to be a good investment.

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  4 Responses to “Security System Installation”

  1. Is this a system you can use with pets, or will my dogs set off motion sensors?

  2. Hmmm … so this works off your phone tower? No internet required? What do they charge for monitoring? Can you check the cameras remotely? Maybe I need to call them. I’m looking for a mower and blower monitor! LOL

  3. Gina, yes you can set the monitors so that they are aimed high enough not to pick up pet movement but will detect a human intruder.

  4. Nancy, yes it’s all wireless off cellphone towers. Monitoring is $14.95 a month and you can check remotely.

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