Only One More Day

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May 242017

Terry and I are getting excited because in only one more day, we have company coming. And not just any company, but my son Travis and his beautiful wife Geli. They are leaving their home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this afternoon and plan to drive south to somewhere around Tallahassee, Florida before they stop for the night. And they will be here tomorrow afternoon sometime! We are really looking forward to showing them our house and around the local area. They will only have a few days here, but we plan to make the most of it.

We drove into Daytona Beach yesterday so I could go to the VA Medical Clinic and have blood drawn at the lab in preparation for my first appointment with my new primary care provider on the 31st. I’m impressed every time I go there. We are always in and out very quickly, and yesterday was no different. I took a number in the waiting room and had barely sat down when they called. The tech was so good that I never even felt the needle to go in, and two vials of the red stuff later I was out the door. As I told Miss Terry, it took me longer to park and walk inside the building than it did to get the blood drawn and back out the door.

With that out of the way, we made a couple of stops in the area, including at the Books A Million. We browsed there for an hour or so and Terry managed to find a couple of knitting books she wanted. Then we went to Lowe’s to get some ideas on a couple of projects we want to work on when we get back after our summer travels.

Is been a while since we’ve gone to a Golden Corral, so we decided that was a good option for dinner. Yeah, I know, guys who are trying to lose weight shouldn’t be going to buffets. But Miss Terry said I deserve a treat now and then, and who am I to disagree with her?

Just about the time we finished our meal it began to rain really hard. About then the alert on my phone went off warning of a strong storm cell coming through the area, with heavy rain, hail, and wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. The quickest way home was to take Interstate 95 south to Edgewater, but anytime we can, we stay off the interstates, especially when it was raining that hard. So we drove a couple of miles east and got on US Highway 1 and followed it home, passing over Rose Bay. It may be a few minutes slower, but we enjoy it much more.

The Explorer’s windshield wipers were working hard to keep up with the downpour but by the time we got to the airport in New Smyrna Beach the rain had stopped. When we got home it looked like they hadn’t gotten drop, even though my phone was still alerting to a strong storm in our area. I wish the entire region could get some good heavy rain, we sure need it. There are still a lot of wildfires burning in this part of Florida.

As I said in the blog the other day, when our SimpliSafe security system arrived, the wireless base station could not communicate with their dispatch center. This wasn’t unexpected, since the Verizon service is so poor in this area, and they said they would send me out a new module to install that used T-Mobile.

It arrived in Monday’s mail, and when we got home yesterday we swapped it out with the Verizon module. Two minutes later the telephone was ringing and it was the SimpliSafe dispatcher saying that they had received the signal and our monitoring was now in effect. They walked me through a system check and we realized that one of our motion sensors was not working, even after we changed the battery in it. That’s when someone from their tech support realized that it was a problem on their end and they had registered the wrong serial number to it. That was quickly corrected and everything is good.

I shared a while back that I have been walking a mile and a half on the treadmill every day. The physical part of it has been good for me, but I get bored easily. So I’ve been listening to the audiobook of Dog’s Run while I walk. I have to say that of the 16 novels I currently have out, it is my favorite. And while I enjoyed writing it, listening to Eric Dove’s narration gives it a whole new dimension.

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Thought For The Day – If I really was insane, don’t you think the voices in my head would have told me by now?

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  1. My alarm system brings me great comfort … it’s the little things!! Glad you got yours up and running!!

  2. Listening to audiobooks is what helps to keep me going on the treadmill. It makes exercise fun.

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