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May 182017

In a blog post a couple of days ago titled The Best Laid Plans, I wrote that the coach (starting) batteries in our motorhome needed replacing, and that the Lifeline AGM house batteries had dropped very low from phantom loads while the RV has been parked in our community’s storage yard for the last few months. I outlined several plans in that blog as to how I was going to try to get the motorhome started and the batteries charged up.

Yesterday I decided that instead of messing around with all that, I would just follow the advice of the Nike shoe company, and just do it. So that’s what I did.

I started out by removing the two coach batteries and taking them to O’Reilly Auto Parts and buying replacements. I later realized that you can learn how to recondition old batteries at home so I’ll do that next time. When I was a youngster, carrying big heavy batteries (they are bigger than car batteries) wasn’t any big deal. But by the time I got those suckers out of the battery compartment behind the motorhome’s dual wheels and carried them to the front and put them into the back of the Explorer, my back reminded me that I’m not a youngster anymore, and haven’t been in a long, long time.

I decided to buy the replacements at O’Reillys for a couple of reasons, one being that there are several of them on the Oregon – Washington coast where we will be this summer so if I need a replacement it will be convenient, and also because they automatically give veterans a discount. That’s always appreciated. Besides that, a couple of times when I have needed something for the Explorer or pickup, the folks at the local O’Reilly store have gone way out of their way for me.

The young man who waited on me today probably regretted that policy, because when he was carrying the old batteries in, (yes batteries, he carried one in each hand by their handle, which made me feel old because it was all I could do to carry one at a time) one of the plastic handles broke and the battery landed on his big toe. I’ll say one thing for him, the young man sure could dance on just one foot.

He also carried the new batteriess out and put them in the back of the Explorer for me, although this time I noticed he did them one at a time. I guess you can teach a young dog new tricks.

Back at the storage yard I installed the new batteries and got behind the wheel of the Winnebago, wondering if there would be any problem starting it after it was sitting for so long. Nope, it turned over a couple of times and fired right up, as did the generator.

I left it running while I went the three blocks back to our house and told Terry to come with me, because the storage yard’s entry gate is kind of narrow and I wanted her to guide me through it and then guide me while I backed up onto the concrete apron next to our garage.

Once I had the motorhome parked I plugged it in and started to reconnect the house batteries so they could charge off of the inverter/charger. That’s when I realized that at some point I had lost one of the bolts that connects the cables to the batteries. No problem, I jumped in the Explorer and drove to the nearby hardware store but they didn’t have anything. So I had to go the other direction into town and back to O’Reilly’s.

I called Terry to tell her I would be a few minutes longer, but she didn’t answer her cell phone, which I didn’t think too much about. Well, I didn’t think much about it until I got home and realized I had left her standing in the garage while the rest of the house was locked up, and her cell phone was inside. She said it was kind of funny at first, until she needed to go potty. I reminded her that we have a urinal right there in the garage. Yeah, she didn’t think that was funny either.

I checked the motorhome’s tires and added air where needed, and I will leave it plugged in and parked here until this evening. By then the house batteries should be charged up just fine. While it’s here we may start cleaning the inside a little bit in preparation to moving things back in that we will need when we hit the road in a couple of weeks. We’re getting excited!

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Thought For The Day – The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions, and not our circumstances. – Martha Washington

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  1. Spare key in the garage.

  2. My thoughts exactly, Norm!! I bet there will be one there by the end of the day!!

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