It Won’t Be Long

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May 142017

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. If you don’t do anything else today, be sure to tell your mom you love her. Mine has been gone a very long time and I wish she were still here so I could say those words to her.

Here is a picture of Terry’s mom, Bess Weber, holding her when she was less than a week old, with her proud daddy Pete looking on. Now you know where Terry gets her good looks from. Happy Mother’s Day Bess. Thank you for giving birth to such a wonderful person.

It won’t be long before we head out for our summer travels. This is the longest we’ve sat still in one place since we started fulltiming way back in 1999, and Terry and I are both looking forward to being back on the road. But at the same time I’ll admit that we are also a little reluctant to leave our comfy home here in Florida.

I’ve been waiting for an appointment with my new primary care provider at the Daytona Beach VA Clinic to get all my meds replenished before we take off. Our target date for getting on the road was the first week of June and I was hoping the appointment would happen soon enough to meet that deadline. And sure enough, yesterday I got a letter informing me that the appointment was scheduled for May 31st. That’s cutting it pretty close to the bone! I have two other appointments at the VA hospital in Orlando on June 1st and 2nd for a sleep study, but I will be rescheduling them for when we return in the fall.

The next couple weeks are going to be pretty busy. Besides getting the motorhome ready to roll, which will include replacing the coach batteries, my son Travis and his wife Geli are going to be here for a few days toward the end of the month. We are really looking forward to seeing them and showing them around the area.

Terry didn’t want to load her Baby Wolf loom back into the motorhome for the three or four months we will be on the road, but at the same time there’s no way she could go that long without weaving. So at a fiber festival awhile back she found this Kromski rigid heddle folding loom with a stand that will be going with us.

She put it together yesterday, and it sure is tiny compared to her other two looms in this picture. But Terry said she hopes it will fill the need while we are traveling.

I think the universe is conspiring against me. As I’ve mentioned here before, I’ve been trying to lose some weight, and I’ve been walking a mile to a mile and a half a day on our treadmill. It’s been working out pretty well and I’m down about 15 pounds, but for the last few days the treadmill has been acting up.

It’s an old NordicTrack that came with the house and has seen a lot of use, and probably very little maintenance, over the years. The walking belt keeps getting out of alignment and going over to the left side to the point where it rubs on the side of the machine. I went online and downloaded a manual for the treadmill, and we were able to adjust it, but it won’t stay in place. And now it will just suddenly stop. When you’re going along at a pretty steady pace and it comes to a screeching halt, it’s pretty easy to fall on your butt. I know, because I’ve done it.

Now keep in mind that Terry also uses it daily to walk her mile and has no problems. It only does it to me. I guess I can’t blame the treadmill anymore than I could blame a horse for throwing me. If I had someone my size walking all over me, I’d probably do the same thing.

More online research tells me that it probably needs a new walking belt, but for what they cost we can find a much newer used treadmill. I know a lot of people buy them and use them for a short time and then they just become coat racks and CraigsList is full of them. But we will probably wait to do that until we get back home in September or October. In the meantime, we will nurse the NordicTrack along and see if we can keep it alive for a little while longer.

A lot of you took advantage of the free e-books I listed in yesterday’s blog, You Can’t Beat Free, and thanks for letting me know. We’ll do it again one of these days.

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Thought For The Day – The best time to start thinking about your retirement is before your boss does.

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  5 Responses to “It Won’t Be Long”

  1. Have you lubricated the track recently? Works wonders for mine when it starts acting up similar to the way yours is, and I am closer to your weight than Terry’s.

  2. Nordic Track is the best in the business and probably worth the extra investment. If you really want to do it on the cheap start walking around the block outside. While you are on the road early morning walks around the parks will give you the needed exercise as well as showing you what is happening in your neighbourhood.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Terry, love the pictures of you with your parents, so sweet. You new loom for the rig looks so much like your big ones, nice. Now you just have to choose which yarns you’ll take with you.
    Nick, Brandi had a treadmill before she got married. It had problems and she called a treadmill repairman. I happened to be there when he came by, and he said it would cost more to fix it than it was worth, which is what she did. He said the belts just didn’t hold up well in the cheaper models (which Brandi had), Be careful, the U tube videos are hilarious but look painful..
    Miss you guys…

  4. Nick please tell Terry Happy Mother’s Day for me. Be careful you don’t get hurt on that treadmill and end up having to cancel your travel plans. Love you both.

  5. Nick, you might want to consider your purchase now instead of in the fall when the snowbirds show up. Craig list or eBay would be your best choices for a quick purchase.

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