May 082017

That’s what I accomplished yesterday. Absolutely nothing worth talking about. All I did was take up space and use up oxygen.

I started the day by doing my mile on the treadmill, then answered some emails and deleted half a dozen forwards without opening them. I’ll never understand why people continue to send me stuff like that when I have asked them more than once to stop. At least the people who sent me those yesterday won’t be doing it again, since I blocked their email addresses.

Next I turned to my current work in progress which was a lesson in frustration. I’m close to 5,000 words into my new Big Lake book, and had hoped to get a lot more done yesterday. But it just didn’t happen. As I do on any writing day, I began by first reading over what I had done the day before and making corrections, punching things up a little bit, adding little something here, and deleting a passage there.

With that done, I settled in to write, but I just couldn’t concentrate on the storyline. That doesn’t happen to me very often, but experience has taught me that when it does, it’s best to just put it aside for another day. The times when I have pushed on, I have not liked most of what I wrote and have ended up deleting it anyway.

I spent some time going through back issues of the Gypsy Journal, making some notes to send to a reader with suggestions of places for his family to visit on their summer travels up the eastern seaboard all the way to Maine. This is their first big RV trip and they want to include as much as possible in the time they have available.

Looking for something to do, I went out to the garage to see how much affect insulating the door had on the heat, and was pleased to see that it had not risen over 80° even with the garage closed up all day. That’s a good thing. While I was in there, I threw a few darts at the board and was glad no one was around to witness how bad I was doing at that.

Meanwhile, Miss Terry was busy checking to make sure all the files from her old iMac had been successfully uploaded to Dropbox, and then downloading the ones she wanted into her new laptop.

Trying to make something of the day, I checked our Thousand Trails reservations for the Oregon – Washington coast this summer and added a week to the beginning of them at the Seaside, Oregon preserve. Depending on when we actually get on the road, and how long it takes us to visit family in Arizona and then meander to the Pacific Northwest, we may or may not need that reservation. If we are not going to get there in time, I’ll cancel it. In a busy place like that, it’s kind of like having a spare tire or a fire extinguisher. It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it available.

Terry and I decided to drive down to Titusville for a early evening dinner at El Leoncito, one of our favorite restaurants. Looking back, I wish we would have done something else instead. We’ve always had good experiences at the restaurant in the past, but this time around our waiter was a total dud. I am very, very allergic to onions and specifically told him not to include any with my meal. But two bites into it my stomach felt like I had eaten a ball of fire and I was in the bathroom hugging the commode. Terry told the waiter there were onions in my food, and he pretty much just shrugged it off. I don’t think we’ll be going back there anytime soon.

Back at home, we watched a couple of episodes of a new TV series called The Son on AMC. It’s based on Philipp Meyer’s book by the same name, which I am reading now. It’s not often that a TV show or movie is as good as the book, but this one is. It’s a Texas family saga that begins in 1849 and continues through the early 1900s. If you get a chance, check it out or buy the book on Amazon.

And that was about it for my do nothing day. Hopefully I’ll be more productive today.

Congratulations Holly Neeler, winner of our drawing for a Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader, along with a $25 Amazon gift card. We had 437 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Liberty is being free from the things we don’t like in order to be slaves of the things we do like – Ernest Benn

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  4 Responses to “A Whole Bunch Of Nothing”

  1. Nick,
    The forward e-mail thing is easy.
    They are lazy, in that you are in their e-mail list and they hit “Forward to All” and it’s done. Now you asking them not to do that means they would have to do some work to forward the $%#@& that is forwarded 99% of the time.
    F-book is the favorite choice to do that stuff now.

  2. I must have had a bit of a premonition because two nights ago I had a dream that you and Miss Terry bought a Beef O’Brady’s. I met Miss Terry and she was wonderful but you were in the bathroom the whole time. I even met Jim who was going to run the place for the summer.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. That was so very nice of you to work on the 1st RV trip for the newbies. It could help make the difference if there is a second RV trip!
    On another note, my husband runs “computer cleanup software” periodically and you can’t touch the computer while it is running and after it finishes the program the computer runs faster. Defragging the disc ?? When I have a generally useless day I have decided that I must be running clean up software and it’ll be better tomorrow.
    Plus if you try to explain this to anyone they leave you alone.To a better tomorrow!

  4. Too bad about the onions in your food. You should have called for the manager and, at the very least, not paid for the food – yours or Miss Terry’s. They owe you a big apology, and the attitude of that waiter needs to be “adjusted.” Hope you’re better by now.

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