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Apr 012017

Note: This is a reprint from a 2014 blog post.

One of the most frequent questions I get from wannabe RVers, whether they are considering a motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer, is what size to get. And there is no way I can answer that question because no one size fits all RV has ever been made. Each of us has our own needs and priorities, and the 40 foot long diesel pusher that works for us may not fit your lifestyle at all.

As with many things in life, RV size is a tradeoff. Bigger motorhomes and fifth wheel trailers give you lots more living room, more storage space, and offer more options than smaller units do. However, there is a flip side to that coin. Smaller RVs are easier to maneuver on the highway, they allow you to get into state and national park campgrounds where a big rig may not fit easily, and they usually get better fuel mileage.

You have to evaluate your lifestyle before you decide what size RV to shop for. Do you like having the ability to carry plenty of tools, or craft supplies, or books? Are you inside people (yes, there are a lot of RVers who prefer to spend their time inside rather than out), do you have a pet or two, or do you enjoy cooking? If so, the cargo carrying capacity of a bigger motorhome or fifth wheel, more living space for you and your furkids, and the larger kitchen might suit you.

But maybe you’re an outdoor type who likes getting off the beaten path, finding that hidden camping spot next to your favorite fishing stream, and being able to get away from the crowds. Do you enjoy hiking and bird watching more than web surfing and the boob tube? If so, a smaller motorhome, a Class C or even a B-van, may well be the perfect RV for you.

We know many fulltime RVers and snowbirds who live in huge rigs that feature everything from multiple slideouts to fireplaces, dishwashers, and two bathrooms. We have also known people who are quite comfortable in pickup campers. One couple we met years ago at Rainbow’s End Campground in Livingston, Texas were fulltiming in a tiny little 10-foot Casita travel trailer that wasn’t much bigger than the sleeper of a semi-truck. In fact, before retiring they were over the road truckers who had lived out of their sleeper, so to them the Casita was palatial by comparison!

Just as there is no one size fits all RV, no interior design will work for everybody. A larger RV also gives you more choices to customize it. Terry and I are working RVers. When we are traveling we run our publishing business from the road and need room to work. When we purchased our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage, we took out the two recliners and the dinette it came with and had two custom workstations, a bookshelf, and a custom table built that better accommodates our needs. But as much as we love our rig, there are places it just won’t fit, and more than once we have had to pass up some interesting stop we saw along the way because it would be too inconvenient to get in and out with a big rig.

Just remember, no matter what you have, from the smallest or oldest RV in the campground to the biggest mansion on wheels, if it meets your needs it’s the right RV for you. And no matter how big or small it is or how much it costs, the view out the window is just as wonderful!

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