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Mar 172017

We have had a cold snap here in central Florida. Wednesday the high was only 59° and it got down to 39° overnight, and yesterday it warmed all the way up to a high of 60° and overnight it dropped down to 40°. Now, compared to what the folks in the Midwest and New England are dealing with, I know that’s a big deal. But it was enough to put me into sniveling mode!

Our friends Dave and Thelma Middleton have been doing the snowbird thing in Florida this winter and will be heading back home to Pennsylvania soon, so they wanted to stop by and see our house before they had to leave. They arrived a little after 2 PM yesterday with a hanging basket of geraniums as a housewarming gift, and the first thing Thelma did after the round of greeting hugs was hand me a two-pack of hand warmers and tell me to stop sniveling. Thelma gets me.

We had a nice visit and enjoyed showing off our house to them, and then we got to show off our friend Jim Lewis, too. Thelma and Dave had heard us talk about him when we had dinner together in Titusville a while back and wanted to meet him, so I called Jim and invited him over to join the party. Thelma has never met a stranger, and she and Jim hit it right off. He’s a musician who plays a pretty mean guitar, and Thelma has a hammer dulcimer, so I think they were planning a jam session.

A little later we all went to dinner at JC Riptides, another of our favorite local restaurants. As always, the food was excellent, and there was a lot of good conversation around the table. Here’s a picture of our dinner group, with Thelma on the left, then Miss Terry, yours truly, Jim, and Dave. Is that a motley crew or not?

After dinner, we went home and drove down to our fishing pier so Dave and Thelma could check that out. The water was really low and a cold breeze was blowing, so we didn’t linger long. We said our goodbyes and Dave and Thelma started back to their campground, while Jim joined Terry and myself for a couple of games of darts.

Somewhere along the way I also found time yesterday to write another 2500 or so words in my new book, The Gecko In The Corner, and I’m closing in on the halfway point. I’d really like to get it out by the end of the month if I can. I’m also waiting for the proof copies of the print editions of three of my travel books to arrive, Highway History and Back Road Mystery II, Overlooked Florida, and Overlooked Arizona. They should be available on Amazon any day now.

The weatherman says we can expect things to start warming up, with a prediction of 68° today, and back into the 70s by the weekend. I hope so, or Thelma may need to bring me some more hand warmers!

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Thought For The Day – The biggest mistake you can ever make is letting people stay in your life far longer than they deserve.

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  1. I took a poll on Trump from newsmax (from your ad) . I found the results to be obviously misleading – they would not tell if the results (favoring Trump) was from primarily Trump voters even though they had the information.

  2. Nick,
    Out here at the Escapade it is 92 and no wind. Have a good day

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