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Mar 142017

It has taken me a while to get used to my new Moto Z Play phone, but overall I’m very pleased with it. The camera is excellent, the battery life is amazing, and I get a better signal with it here in our fringe Verizon reception area than I did with my Samsung. There has been a slight learning curve because certain things are little bit different, like which button you push to answer the phone, but overall the transition has not been too hard.

But check out my other new smart phone!

Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by two antique things, console type cabinet radios and wall phones that you had to crank to contact the operator. I have had several console radios over the years, but never a hand-cranked wall phone until now. I saw it a few weeks ago at an antique shop in New Smyrna Beach and really liked it, and when my cousin Berni and her husband Rocky were here we stopped in at the shop again and the owner let us know that the person who had the phone on consignment was in poor health and wanted to get everything gone, so any reasonable offers were being accepted. And I guess my offer was reasonable enough, because he accepted it.

And while it may look like a pretty simple device to you, I discovered it’s actually a smart phone. I know this because Saturday afternoon Miss Terry and our friend Jim helped me mount it on the wall in my office, and just a few hours later I was walking down the three stairs to my office in the dark and ran right into the phone with my head! Yep, that really smarted!

Ever since we set up Terry’s big Glimakra loom she has been trying to figure out the extremely complex shaft switching system and the proper way to tie up the shafts to make everything work. It’s been frustrating, and she has done a lot of reading and online research, trying to get a handle on everything. The loom is quite different from the Baby Wolf loom she has been using. It is huge, 5′ x 5′ x 5′ and there are hundreds of string heddles to deal with.

When we were visiting with our friends Carl and Sandy Greenbaum at Barberville Pioneer Settlement on Sunday they told us they have a couple of similar looms and a volunteer who is quite an expert weaver. I suggested to Terry that she might try to get in touch with him and see if he could give her some pointers. She said that might be a possibility, but she wasn’t ready to call in the cavalry yet. She was back at it again yesterday and now has the warp threaded and tensioned and wove the hem section of her first project. She told me there’s still a lot of learning to do, but she’s getting there.

While we are enjoying life in our new house, we are both getting hitch itch and are looking forward to spending some time back on the road in our motorhome. When we take off sometime in May or June, the game plan is to go up to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to see my son Travis and his wife Geli, and then on to Arizona to see our family members there. After that, the plan is to go back up to the Pacific Northwest coast. I’ve already got some of our reservations made at the Thousand Trails park in Long Beach, Washington, and will be making more for Seaside and Newport, Oregon soon.

We were talking yesterday about some of the places we have seen before and want to get back to again, and other places we still haven’t visited that are on our bucket list. We want to go back to Branson, Missouri. We want to return to northern Michigan to see the Soo Locks again. There is a lot in Washington, DC we have not experienced yet, and in New England. There are Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefields we never saw. The homes of presidents, and authors, and other historical figures that still need a visit. They are all out there, calling to us. We have still got a lot of America left to see before we hang up the keys for good.

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Thought For The Day – Old age begins the day you buy a box with the days of the week marked on it to hold your daily pills.

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  5 Responses to “Smart Phones”

  1. My wife and I went to Branson a few years ago and we could not get out of town fast enough. All the acts were “tribute artists” and some of those were “tributes” to entertainers from another generation. We ended up at the movies, because the live choices weren’t.

  2. If you get a chance you might want to check out this group

    When you hit the smarted phone did you knock off the trumpet piece
    Does your wall phone have all the old guts inside.
    If it does you can put one out in the garage wired up and talk back-and-forth with it

  3. Nick, where did you get a Moto Z Play that works on the Verizon system?? Everyone I find online have GSM not CDMA format and only work on AT&T or Sprint.

  4. Bob D, I got it at Verizon

  5. We hit that old age mark a long time ago, Nick. Never thought about it being a milestone until now. Wish I could remember… Hahahaha!

    Miss Terry is so impressive, figuring out that very complicated loom. I wouldn’t even attempt it. Piecing a quilt is about as complex a project as I tackle. Good for her!

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