It’s Dead, Jim

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Mar 012017

I wrote in yesterday’s blog that my Samsung S5 was giving me a lot problems, and they have only gotten worse. Yesterday the screen started flashing different colors and then it stopped working. I put a new battery in it, but it did not help. Instead of the flashing colors, it just flashed the Words Samsung S5 on the screen. When plugged into AC power the normal screen comes up, but if I try to send a text or make a call the phone starts flashing again. And as soon as I unplug it the phone turns off.

I called Greg White for his expert opinion and all he could say was, “It’s Dead, Jim.” (Greg spent a lot of time watching the old Star Trek TV series.) We have friends coming up from Titusville tomorrow for lunch, and afterward if there’s enough time we’ll drive into Daytona Beach and see about buying a new phone, either at Verizon or Sam’s Club. I can’t upgrade the phone without losing my unlimited data plan, and though I know Verizon has a new unlimited plan, it doesn’t compare to the one I have now, which I will need when we are back on the road this summer.

We had a bunch of errands to run yesterday, but before we did that we stopped at the storage yard here at our little community to check on our motorhome. The Winnebago sure looked lonely, but everything inside was in good shape. We were concerned about humidity, so when we parked it we put a big container of Damp Rid in the living room. It seems to be doing a great job, no musty smells and no sign of dampness.

I am going to have to put new starting batteries in the Winnebago before we hit the road. I turned on the battery disconnect and tried to start it yesterday and the coach batteries did not have enough juice in them. The AGM house batteries are fine and let me start the generator, but even with the Battery Boost engaged the engine wouldn’t turn over. The batteries in it now have a lot of years on them and I had already planned on replacing them before we start our summer travels, so it’s no big deal.

I mentioned that we have company coming today, which reminds me that a while back a couple contacted us who are volunteering at a living history farm somewhere here in North Central Florida (maybe Barberville?) and we talked about getting together. Somehow with the move into the house and everything else we’ve done, I’ve lost their contact information. If you’re reading this and are still in the area, please send me an email so we can make arrangements.

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Thought For The Day – Someday you’ll meet someone who doesn’t care about your past because they want to be part of your future.

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  5 Responses to “It’s Dead, Jim”

  1. At least twice, we’ve upgraded our phones at Verizon, at the Verizon store, not the authorized retailers, w/out having to upgrade/change our plans, one as recently as a couple of weeks ago when the new ‘unlimited plan’ rolled out. I wonder if it makes a difference where you originally started your Verizon account? Ours was back in AL many years ago.

  2. With my really REALLY old A T & T account, I always have to bite the bullet and buy a new phone outright. The new unlimited plans work great until you reach whatever their limit is, then they slow down the data so much you want to throw your phone in the river. I’m gluing your thought for the day to my forehead!!

  3. Might want to replace that DampRid bucket. They fill up pretty quickly. But they surely do a nice job.

  4. Here’s a thought about your phone and keeping your u limited plan.
    You can buy a Moto G4 plus, made by Motorola, (owned by Lenovo) for about $250.
    It on Amazon, unlocked, or the Lenovo website. It’s a midlevel phone, but certainly as advanced if not more than you present phone.
    If you buy this you can keep you phone.

  5. The timing is odd…yesterday my computer screen went black twice…but it came back and quickly…then I noticed a few changes it made while black (whomever it is)…heard that the internet on the east coast was out some yesterday too…and for the past 2 days or so, in town here on the West Coast, internet has been down…so what exactly are “they” up to anyway?? One wonders…

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