Good News And Bad News

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Mar 022017

Yesterday was one of those good news, bad news kind of days. You know what I mean, you’ve had them too, I’m sure.

Part of the good news was that we got to spend some time with some really cool people. Longtime blog readers Bob and Michelle Hazlett drove up from their place at The Great Outdoors RV Resort in Titusville for a visit, and brought Jim and Bonnie Spain with them. They got here around 10:30 AM and we spent some time visiting and showing them our house, and a good time was had by all. Well, I guess a good time was had by all, since nobody complained.

More good news was that they offered to take us to lunch, and since they had never been to the Sea Shack in New Smyrna Beach, that’s where we decided to go. There wasn’t room for all six of us in Bob and Michelle’s pickup, so I drove our Explorer and they followed us.

This is where the bad news stuff starts. Traffic was backed up a bit when I turned off of US Highway 1 onto A1A to take the Causeway to the restaurant, and when it started moving I felt kind of a mild thump or jolt in the back end of the Explorer. I thought maybe there was a pothole in the road or something. But we stopped at the next traffic light just a short distance away, and when the light changed and I took off again I felt the same thing, only more pronounced. The SUV seemed be running okay and I only felt it when I was taking off from a stop, but I decided to pull off on the shoulder going up to the Causeway to check it out.

Michelle was driving their pickup and she stopped behind us. As it turned out, I had a flat tire on the left rear of the Explorer. That was strange because when I was driving there was none of the normal bumping you get with a flat tire, and the Explorer’s built-in low tire pressure sensor system never alerted. But it was flat.

There is a lot of traffic right there and the shoulder is narrow, and I didn’t feel comfortable trying to change the tire there. So with Bob guiding and Jim holding back traffic, Michelle backed down and around the corner, and once a lot of traffic passed, I did the same thing and we pulled into the hospital parking lot.

It’s been a long time since I had changed a tire, but between myself, Jim, and Bob we figured out how to lower the spare from underneath the back of the Explorer, got it jacked up, and put the spare on. The spare wasn’t flat, but it sure wasn’t full, either! Here I am changing the tire while Bob provides adult supervision. See, I can do manual labor when it’s absolutely necessary and Greg White is 1,000 miles away!

We decided the best thing to do was to drop the flat tire off at a local tire shop and have them air up the spare, then go have lunch and come back to pick up the tire when it was repaired.

As always, the food at the Sea Shack was excellent, and we had a great time talking about everything in the world. Yep, that’s the good news again. Here is a collage picture Bob took of Bonnie in the yellow blouse, then me, Jim, Miss Terry, and Michelle.

After lunch and saying our goodbyes to our friends, Terry and I went back to the tire shop, where they informed me the tire had picked up a piece of metal debris from the road  and the puncture was too large to be safely repaired. Okay, we’re back to bad news.

We had them replace the tire, and by the time that was done it was 5 o’clock. And we still had to drive to the Verizon company store in Daytona Beach to deal with my cell phone issues. When we got there, it was bad news but no surprise that my old Samsung S5 is officially dead.

The salesman tried hard to get me to go with one of their special promotion deals and save some money on the cost of a new phone, but we would have had to give up our grandfathered in unlimited data plan. After Terry and I told him half a dozen times that that wasn’t going to happen, he asked me to at least allow him to look at our usage when we are traveling and maybe he could show us how switching could save us a lot of money. Well, he looked, whistled, and told me I’d be a fool to give it up and that there is no way it compares to their current unlimited data offering.

So even though I had to pay full retail for a new phone, I now have a Moto Z Play just like Terry’s and it works. I can get email and everything, just like a real person. More good news, right?

And then, to top it all off, when I got back home I was able to download all of my apps that were on the old phone and set up my email program all by myself without having to bother Greg. So except for spending a lot of money today, I think the good news outweighed the bad in the long run.

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Thought For The Day – I wonder what normal people think about.

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  1. And all this on a hot humid day! Ugh, love FL but hate humidity!

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