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My longtime friend Jim Lewis has been staying with us for a while now, waiting to close on a home he bought a block or so away. The closing happened on Wednesday, and yesterday we went into Port Orange and Daytona Beach looking for some furniture he needed.

Our first stop was at some kind of factory furniture outlet type of place that has been advertising heavily on television, and while they had a large selection, the quality was mediocre at best. Jim did find a box spring and mattress he was interested in, but when he asked the price of the two items together the young lady behind the counter went into a sales spiel about the very special price she could give him that day only.

That is an old sales tactic that comes from the automobile business, but is also popular with RV salesmen, and anybody else hustling a product they want to move right now. It always raises a red flag to me and I call bullshit. In fact, it’s one of the things I cover in my seminar How To Be A Smart RV Shopper. You will run into this a lot at RV shows, where a salesman will tell you that the price he is offering is the “Show Special.” No it’s not.

Salespeople are trained that customers buy for one of two reasons, fear of loss or hope for gain. So when someone tells you their special price is for that day only, they’re working on your fear of loss. Gee, I better buy it right now or I’ll never get that price again! Horse pucky! I don’t care if it’s a motorhome, a fifth wheel, or in this case, furniture, you can bet your bippy that if you walked in the next day with cash in hand, they’d give you the same deal.

We left that place and stopped at Design and Consign, a consignment furniture store that always has a good selection. We bought quite a bit from them when we were furnishing our home, and Jim was able to find a very nice stand for his television, a bed frame, and a brand-new couch, all at very good prices.

Once we had all of that loaded into our pickup, we went to Sam’s Club, where for about the same everyday price as the “special deal” the first place was offering him on an off brand mattress and box spring, Jim was able to buy a Serta memory foam mattress and Serta box spring. He also picked up some other stuff along the way, and by the time we had everything in the back of the truck, we agreed that all we needed was Granny and a rocking chair to make our old F-150 look like the Beverly Hillbillies had come to town.

With the truck loaded to the max, and Jim’s bank account sufficiently depleted, we stopped at Sonny’s BBQ for dinner. Sonny’s is a southern restaurant chain that serves some of the best barbecued food you will ever find. Jim had never been to one before, but by the time we finished our meal, he agreed that it was outstanding. With our bellies as stuffed as the truck was, we headed back home at the end of a long, busy day.

Speaking of Jim and homes and such, he is selling his very nice park model trailer in Pleasant Valley RV Resort, a friendly, active adult RV resort in Mission, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. Terry and I visited Jim there before he moved here, and I can tell you that it is in excellent shape. It is move-in ready, with all appliances and furniture included. That includes a television and even dishes! Just bring your toothbrush and make yourself at home. Features include hardwood floors, a carport, a new metal roof, a new air conditioner, and the low annual lot rent is paid through April. All this for just $23,000. For more information, call (386) 478-8259.

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Thought For The Day – Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but no clue about their own.

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  3 Responses to “Granny And A Rocking Chair”

  1. Jim’s a lucky guy. You and Miss Terry are such good people, it does my heart good.

  2. Just finished the Celebration yesterday, I hate it when I hit about 65% on your books and can’t put it down tell it is finished. Glad I had a cold and trying to get rid of it. Again Nick you hit it out of the park. Keep up the great job, you get 6 starts from me.

  3. Cheddar’s has some restaurants in Florida and we have just found that they have very good BBQ, as well as a full menu with reasonable pricing. I would invite you to try them.

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