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As I’ve mentioned here many times, I get a lot of e-mail from people wanting information about RVing and the fulltime RV lifestyle, from people asking questions about specific makes and models of RVs, and other questions including things like campground suggestions, repair shop suggestions, which mail forwarding services are best for RVers, and such.

And then, every once in a while I get something from somebody that leaves me scratching my head and asking, did you really ask me that?

More than once somebody has asked me if I would look at an RV they have found online and are considering buying. Though I’m not an RV technician and in no way qualified to pass judgment on a rig for sale, I might consider taking a look and giving a potential buyer my impression of the unit if it was in the same city I am. But that’s never happened. Once, when we were at the Colorado River Thousand Trails preserve in Columbus, Texas, somebody asked if I would go up to Dallas and check out a motorhome that he had found on Craigslist. Sure, why not, it was only about 250 miles away.

Another person wanted to know if we would drive down to Lazydays RV in Tampa and take some exterior and interior pictures of a used motorhome he was interested in. At least that was only about 100 miles from here. I suggested he might ask the salesman to take the photos he wanted, but he said he’d feel better if I took them, because he doesn’t really trust RV salesmen.

Speaking of RV salesman, two or three times a month I get requests from salesmen and dealerships around the country asking me to refer anybody I know who is in the marketplace for an RV to them. I always reply no, I don’t think so. I don’t know you so I have no way of knowing if you are a good guy or just another snake in the grass trying to make a sale.

A question I got last week kind of made me shake my head. Somebody wrote that they are on their first camping trip, in a rented Class C motorhome, and that their holding tank is full. There are no bathrooms where they are camped. He asked me if it is considered gauche to ask to borrow a neighbor’s sewer hose to dump with a couple of times while they are there? He said he knew he could go to Walmart and buy one, but they did not know if the whole RV thing is for them or not yet and didn’t want to spend the money if they decide not to get an RV.

I think the one I will remember for a long time is the e-mail from a couple who recently wrote to ask if I could suggest any way to help them get the manufacturer of their new motorhome to cover the damage to the front fiberglass that happened when they christened it by trying to break a bottle of champagne on it like they do on ships. They seem to think it should be repaired under the warranty, since it’s a brand-new coach. I guess some manufacturers are just hard to deal with when you have problems like that. Go figure.

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Thought For The Day – Sometimes it’s better to just remain silent and smile.

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  4 Responses to “Did You Really Ask Me That?”

  1. Pretty amazing questions. Good for a morning chuckle, Thanks

  2. My motto is “You Can’t Fix STUPID” It seems more true every day.

  3. Nick, you must run in different circles than most folks or you have a great imagination! ?

  4. Nick, for the folks that want you to look at rigs prior to purchase, you can always direct them to the NRVIA, the National RV Inspectors Association (https://nrvia.org/locate/). They can get an independent 3rd party inspection of the rig they are looking at purchasing.

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