A Fall And A Fail

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Feb 082017

The last few days have been kind of quiet around here, with me being busy working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal and Terry has been weaving and getting a lot of things done around the house that she wanted to finish. This included shortening all the window blinds so that they fit better and do not have a bunch of excess slats in them.

We also made a shopping excursion to Wally World with our friend Jim Lewis so he could buy a bunch of last-minute things he needed for his house. By the time he checked out and we got everything put in his SUV, that Kia was loaded to the max!

I mentioned a while back that after the first shop we took Terry’s Trek bicycle to in New Smyrna Beach for a tune-up and to have some minor work done and they didn’t do a very good job, we dropped it off at different shop, called Beach Bicycle & Kayak, which Jim had recommended after they worked on his Cannondale bike.

A few days ago we went back to pick it up and were very pleased with the work they did. They replaced the handgrips and gear shifters, shortened the shift and brake cables, lubed it, adjusted the chain, cleaned it up very well, and charged us less than their estimate. How cool is that?

The owner of the shop wanted Terry to take it for a quick ride to make sure everything was to her liking, which it was. The only problem was that the seat was adjusted too high and when she got back and started to get off the bike she got hung up and fell in the parking lot.

I looked up just in time to see her go down and tried to get to her, but a customer in the crowded shop stepped into my way and just stood there staring at her. There was no way to get around him and twice I told him to move, but he was like those people who have to stop and gawk at a traffic accident, and apparently didn’t hear me. I was pretty frantic to get to her and finally just shoved him out of the way.

Fortunately, except for a few scrapes and some nasty bruises, and a badly injured ego, Terry was unhurt. Once I was sure she was okay, and the owner of the shop had loaded her bike into the back of our pickup, we went inside to pay the bill and I apologize to the gentleman I had shoved. He seemed to take it pretty well, and nobody has served me with a subpoena for a lawsuit, so I guess all is well. And the bike rides great!

On another subject, I reported a while back that we bought a new Samsung gas range from Lowe’s, which was delivered December 28 and installed on the 29th. Just a few days later the oven light stopped working, and Terry called the warranty number for Samsung. Now, I’m on my second or third Samsung phone, I’ve got a Samsung tablet, a Samsung digital camera, we have two Samsung televisions, and Samsung refrigerators in both the house and in our Winnebago motorhome. So overall, I guess you could say I like Samsungs. But I have to tell you something, their warranty service absolutely sucks.

When Terry called about the light not working they kind of gave her a runaround before agreeing to send somebody out to take a look at it, and it took about a week for that to happen. After taking the back of the stove off and poking around a little bit the tech from the repair shop decided it was just a bad light bulb and said that we could either get one ourselves and put it in, or else he would have to order one and schedule an appointment to come back. No problem, we got a bulb and put it in that same afternoon. And it still didn’t work.

I called tech, who said if replacing the light bulb didn’t do the trick it needed some kind of a module, and that he would get back to us the next day. A week went by and we never heard from him. Actually, we still haven’t heard from him.

Terry called Samsung again, got the runaround, got promises to call her back the next day, never got that call, and repeated the process two or three more times. And each time Samsung never called back. Finally, after she became less than pleasant with them, they said they would send someone out from another repair shop. Then it took a week or more of phone calls back and forth between the shop, Samsung, and us. Last Friday, Samsung called to say they had canceled the second service appointment and were either going to refund our money or replace the stove, and that they would let us know which it would be on Monday,

Of course, they didn’t call, but the second repair shop did call to say that they would be here on Tuesday (yesterday) between 10 AM and 2 PM. Given all that had transpired, we weren’t surprised when nobody showed up during the scheduled time. At 2:30 Terry called the repair service and they said no, their tech would be there sometime between 2:30 and 6 PM. I’m glad we don’t have jobs outside of the house that we have to be at!

The gentleman actually showed up about 4:30. Terry explained the situation to him, he pulled the back of the stove off once again, and then asked Terry to take a look. The tech from the first company had never plugged the wires for the light back in before he but everything back together. This tech connected the wires and the light works fine now! He was gone within fifteen minutes of his arrival, saying it was one of the shortest and easiest service calls he ever made. So I guess all’s well that ends well.

Oh, and one final thing, sometime around 6 PM yesterday Terry got another call from Samsung saying they would be calling her today to make arrangements to either replace the stove or refund our money. What a way to run a railroad!

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Thought For The Day – I’m so lucky people can’t hear what I’m thinking.

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  6 Responses to “A Fall And A Fail”

  1. Nick, Im sure you realize that your service had nothing to do with Samsung. those are independent shops that Samsung has an agreement with to come look at your stuff. Your argument is with those shops not Samsung. just me buttin in

  2. You know I think about this and the “Warranty” should just be taken out of the price and we could get things fixed on our own. How much are they trying to “save” us when the calls, and callback don’t seem to ever happen.
    Just would save us on the cost of “Tums”.

  3. Nick, Samsung is not the only company with bad service. In the middle of December, we picked up a new General Electric convection/microwave to replace our 12 year old over the range microwave in our MH. During installation one of the capture nuts used to secure it to the top cabinet stripped out. We called GE Service and it took a week and a half to get someone at our RV. GE outsourced their repair to an outfit called California Appliance in Long Beach CA. Two technicians arrive in a small sedan. They had with no parts with them and they had just a small number of tools. Of course they do not have the correct tools to even open the microwave. They reported to us something about their company just picked up the GE account in early December so they are still ramping up to handle the new GE account. They tell us they are taking our microwave back to the shop where they have the correct tools and will return the next morning. The next morning they call us to tell us there has been an accident with our microwave. The front door was smashed as it was sitting on their dock and they now have to order a new door. They told us they would call us the following week which they did not do. We called them every week to get a status because they never called us. Each week they told us it would be ready the next week and they would call us. They waited about 3 weeks for the replacement door and then a couple more weeks for another part and finally last week when we called, they said it was fixed. We said great, make sure to double box it and ship it to us because we are no longer in California, we are now here in Arizona. Yesterday, UPS delivered off our long lost microwave. We excitedly opened the box, glass was everywhere. Front door smashed in plus several major dents. California Appliance had done the worst job of packing I have ever seen. No double boxing or anything. I called California Appliance. They said they were going to transfer us to their managers phone. I got his voice mail, left a message. So far, they have not returned our phone call. We have contacted GE support and provided all the details about their outsourced repair company but they have not returned our call either. It is a little inconvenient to not have a microwave/convection oven for over 6 weeks now but the microwave is part of our over the stove venting system which we do not have now. This makes it very hard to cook on the propane stove without filling our MH with fumes. Needless to say, we are very, very unhappy with GE.

  4. Glad to hear Terry wasn’t hurt badly and is recovering nicely. We had similar experiences with Samsung warranties. Actually Al, Nick’s experience has everything to do with Samsung. The failures to call back are inexcusable. Those independent companies are part of the Samsung customer satisfaction process. They keep them on their list of authorized repair centers, and if they provide that kind of lousy service, it’s Samsung’s responsibility to have them shape up or to find a better repair center. They are out there. I do think the “authorized repair centers” tend to get a bit complacent though since all this business is being thrown their way. We also tend to get better service from places when no warranty is involved.

  5. Al, yes, the problem is with Samsung. All warranty issues begin with them and then they contact those independent shops you mentioned to schedule service, and to approve follow up service. They never did any of that in the timeframe promised, and every time we called back we had to start from square one with a Samsung warranty person to get the ball rolling again. As I wrote in the blog, they said they had cancelled the last service call and were going to replace the unit or issue a refund. But they never did cancel that call, which is why the tech showed up yesterday.

  6. I must update my above comment. Yesterday afternoon General Electric customer support emailed me to state they have decided to ship me a brand new microwave/convection oven and haul away the broken one. We are now pleased with their decision.

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