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As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, a big storm system was supposed to be making its way through the Southeast on Sunday, bringing the possibility of severe weather to central Florida.

One should always be aware of the potential for threatening weather wherever they are. Especially if they live or travel in an RV. In our 17+ years of fulltiming, we dodged quite a few tornadoes, a couple of snowstorms, suffered through high winds many times, and most recently, ran away from a hurricane. You can’t be too careful when you live in something as vulnerable as an RV.

Manufactured homes fall into that same category. And even though ours has rooms built all the way around it that anchor it to the ground, a tornado can flatten a sticks and bricks house, too, so we took notice of yesterday’s approaching storm system.

Most of the day was overcast and windy and the weatherman said things wouldn’t start getting ugly until sometime after 6 PM. We actually drove into New Smyrna Beach for dinner at the Sea Shack about 4 PM, taking advantage of their Sunday weekly Customer Appreciation Day, where many of the entrées on their menu are half price.

The food is always delicious there, and this time around our waiter was a fellow named Mike, who is a trivia buff. We had a good time chatting with him and trying to come up answers to the questions he was asking us. And I even managed to ask him a couple that he couldn’t answer.

We were almost home when the rain started coming down, and we spent the rest of the evening watching the news and monitoring the storm, as one strong cell after another came through the area. Most of it went a little north of us through Daytona Beach and north of there. Here is a screenshot from the RadarNow! app on Terry’s phone as the storm was approaching. We are that blue dot in the lower third of the picture.

Then things got kind of ugly here where we are. I took this from the television screen. Oak Hill is just a couple of miles south of us.

We were under tornado watches until sometime after 10 PM, and one weather report said that some winds near Oak Hill were over 100 miles per hour. But fortunately, all we got was some wind and rain, with no damage.

Early on the news was predicting quarter sized hail, so we were sure glad to have our huge garage. We managed to cram Jim’s Kia in with our Explorer, the pickup, and my boat so it wouldn’t get damaged. Of course, that didn’t leave much room for throwing darts!

We are grateful that we came through the storm okay, and hope everybody else out there is safe and sound.

Congratulations Jenny Johnson, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of my friend Suzie O’Connell’s Starlight Magic, from her popular Northstar romance series. We had 56 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.

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  4 Responses to “Well That Was Interesting”

  1. Glad you all did okay with the storm – I saw more red on the map in your area than we had here in Cocoa. The winds were stout here tho – a couple of our neighbor’s shingles slapped the side of our house – wotta racket! I can’t believe how huge your garage is – sure came in handy last night.

  2. we got the same storms an hour or so earlier at Bushnell. A couple of tornados spotted about 8 miles away but no severe damage. My canopy that substitutes for an awning since my coach is not so equipped chose to pull up stakes and invert itself and reside on top of my jeep about 10 feet away. no real damage and when it stops raining my neighbors and I will re erect it properly configured. I was occupied running our gospel music jam at the time so did not get to “enjoy” the view of the movement.

  3. Glad you’re safe! That garage you have is really big.

    Since you live in an area that could have some deadly weather, do you have a safe place somewhere to lay low?

  4. We were sitting in a single-wide in Pinellas County and glued to the weather guys from Tampa, just waiting for that line to come ashore. It went north and it went south, but all it did here was huff and puff, plus a seven-minute downpour. Yes, we had a plan, but I never want to wait out another tornado scare.

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