Smacked Down By Karma

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Jan 082017

In a blog post a few days ago, I bragged about driving down the beach in New Smyrna Beach watching all of the pretty girls in their skimpy bikinis while my pal Rocky Frees is stuck up in Muskegon, Michigan shoveling snow. I should have known better than to gloat like that, so I wasn’t surprised when I got smacked down.

No, not by Miss Terry. She was with me during that drive on the beach, and even pointed out a couple of nice views that I had missed. And, of course, she got a big chuckle out of the fact that I was so busy ogling that I missed the exit and had to drive another half-mile to get off the beach. Yes, another half-mile of that beautiful scenery.

At any rate, while Miss Terry was fine with my actions, karma wasn’t. And you know what they say about karma. Apparently, admiring pretty girls is okay, but bragging about how nice the weather is is a no-no. Because after I did that, karma sent a cold front our way to remind me just exactly who is in charge. It started raining Friday night, along with thunder and lightning, and the temperature plummeted. Yesterday afternoon it was only 50° and very windy. When I went out to get the mail I sniveled. I sniveled so loud that my friend Chris Yust way out in Yuma, Arizona heard me and sent me this picture!

Last night it got down into the low to mid-30s, and today is supposed to be another cold, windy one. Not fun at all!

But that’s okay, I have lots to keep me busy here at home. I’ve started working on my next John Lee Quarrels book and I want to get another issue of my authors newsletter sent out to the subscribers. Unless the place catches fire, I don’t plan to poke my head outside until it’s back in the 70s,

I got an email yesterday from someone here in Florida who said they were really disappointed at how cold it had gotten. This is their first winter as snowbirds and they thought they would be able to sit around the RV park in shorts all winter long. No, while Florida is a lot nicer than other places where one could be during the winter, we still have our cold spells. But they don’t usually last long, and before you know it, you can break out the shorts again.

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Thought For The Day – Don’t underestimate me. I can go from lazy to crazy in five seconds flat.

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  4 Responses to “Smacked Down By Karma”

  1. Enjoy your 50 degree weather. I’m sitting in my den here in Virginia and the thermometer says the outside temperature is 12 degrees. And we have 5 inches of snow on the ground. Weatherman says it’s not supposed to get above freezing until Tuesday. Fifty degrees sounds delightful!

  2. Please stay in FL Nick. Here in Casa Grande, AZ it’s supposed to be 74 degrees today with plenty of sunshine.

  3. Im in SW Florida. Still wearing shorts and Tee’s. Maybe you r north of the dividing lines. This beats Northern Michigan with snow and 12 degrees this am. Or on a Ice Breaker with the USCG for a few years. Yep shorts and Tee;s that’s me

  4. Nick
    I just posted a comment on yesterday’s blog , didn’t realize it wasn’t today’s!
    Sure do lose track of time when you’re retired huh ?

    Hope it solves your problem , and watch out for thin water , they get kinda touchy about it down in Florida !!!!

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