Shivering And Shaking

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Jan 092017

People who have not spent much time here during the winter may think that Florida is warm year-round, but that’s not necessarily so! We had a cold front come through this weekend, dropping temperatures down into the low 50s during the daytime into the 30s at night, with a lot of wind accompanying it.

Of course, that’s nothing like folks in more northern locales are experiencing. But then again, that’s why we have wheels under our houses and we’re not in those northern locales, right?

It was definitely not a day to be traveling anywhere in an RV. I hope all of you in this part of the country were parked somewhere safe and warm. I stepped outside a couple of times during the day and came back indoors shivering and shaking. And yes, sniveling, too. But you know my motto – find something you’re good at and stick with it.

The nasty weather was enough to keep me inside most of the day. I spent some time answering emails from blog readers and subscribers, including one from a lady who said she and her husband had just purchased a new RV and plan to do the snowbird thing. She said they were appalled to discover how many things were wrong with the rig and wondered how something with that many problems ever made it out of the factory, let alone off of the dealer’s lot, without some kind of quality control inspection.

She said among its many problems are an oven door that won’t stay closed but instead gaps open about 3 inches, a crank up rooftop antenna whose handle came off the first time her husband tried to extend it, misaligned cabinet doors, a ceiling light fixture that came loose and was dangling by the time they drove the rig home from the dealer when they picked it up, a loose water connection under the kitchen sink that drenched everything the first time they turned the water on, power steps that do not retract or extend all the way without being pushed in or pulled out, and a surround sound system that crackles and makes all kinds of noise when either the stereo or TV are on.

I wrote back and told her that unfortunately, her new motorhome is more the norm than an exception. I have said for years in the Gypsy Journal, at the seminars I present at RV rallies, and in a blog post way back in 2011, that the worst thing about the RV lifestyle is the terrible quality of the majority of the RVs being manufactured and sold to an unsuspecting public. A lot of them are junk, no question about it. And though myself and others over the years have asked representatives from the different RV manufacturing companies why they don’t clean up their act and actually produce something worth the big bucks they charge for them, I know that the answer is simple. People are willing to settle for what they can get. And, unfortunately, I don’t see things improving anytime soon.

Once I was done with emails I got the newest edition of my authors newsletter ready to send out to my subscribers, which I will do today. I send one of these out every couple of months, though not on any set schedule. In them, I share information about my books, what projects I’m working on, and occasionally short stories from other author friends of mine. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for the newsletter, send me an e-mail at

Congratulations Cynthia Devonshire, winner of our drawing for the newly released Forever Series boxed set by my dear friend Mona Ingram. We had 101 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – The trouble with normal is that it only gets worse.

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  4 Responses to “Shivering And Shaking”

  1. Sure sounds like the couple did not have a PDI, we would not have left the lot with it that way. Instead we would make them a detailed list & we qill be following weekly. What a shame!

  2. Same thought…Never buy with known defects. I know we all get excited to get the new RV but don’t accept it until all defects are fixed. Easier said than done, I know.

  3. Just to let you know Edgewater Beach is having it’s annual January ice fishing tournament on the Indian river
    An would like you to be the master of ceremonies

  4. You can have crummy weather even in Key West. The day of President Obama’s first inauguration was 55-60 windy and very rainy. Oh well…

    I’d be very interested in the brand motorhome they bought. A good quality motorhome will set you back upwards of 300k. So many buy the glitz and low price without looking at the quality before buying. They actually think they are getting a bargain.
    It’s our fault we buy something that had no regulations governing basic build.

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