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You all know what a good cook Miss Terry is, and our friend Jim Lewis is really enjoying all of her creations. For dinner Wednesday night, she made pizza from scratch (is there any other way?), and yesterday morning it was omelets for breakfast. I’ve known Jim for over 30 years, and I’ve never seen him eat like he has since he’s been here.

I hooked Jim up with Chris Yust from C&C Insurance, and she gave him a good quote on his car insurance for his new address here in Florida. Jim is one of those dinosaurs who doesn’t have a computer, and really doesn’t want one. Yes, people like him still exist. So Chris sent me a bunch of paperwork that had to be signed and email back, and yesterday morning I printed it all out, Jim signed on the various dotted lines where indicated, and then I emailed everything back to her.

He had already gotten his Florida drivers license, and with his proof of insurance in hand we went to the tax office in New Smyrna Beach so he could get his Florida registration and license plates. I really like dealing with the folks in the government offices here. They are small town friendly, very efficient, and we were in and out of there in no time at all.

Back at home, I spent some time writing, knocking out another 1500 words in my current book, The Gecko In The Corner, which is the second book in my new John Lee Quarrels series. It’s coming right along and I’m really liking how the story is shaping up.

Terry spent most of the day setting up a new weaving project on one of her looms, and when she knocked off a little after 5 o’clock we decided she deserved a night out, so we drove down to Titusville, where Jim treated us to dinner at Dixie Crossroads.

This great seafood restaurant is an icon in this part of the country and it’s always busy. There was about a 15 minute wait for a table and we spent the time watching the schools of fish in the restaurant’s outdoor pond. When we were seated, the waitress told us that special of the day was grouper, and we all three opted for it blackened. It was absolutely delicious, and I won’t even talk about how decadent the hot corn fritters covered in powdered sugar were. That’s something you have to experience for yourself.

There was supposed to be a rocket launch at 7:46 PM from the Kennedy Space Center, which is right across the Indian River Lagoon from Titusville. We left the restaurant with about 20 minutes to spare and drove to the Max Brewer Bridge to watch the launch, along with hundreds of other people.

We were all in short sleeve shirts, and it was a bit chilly, but by the time we got parked and walked out on the bridge we only had about 10 minutes to wait until launch time. Well, we did until they delayed it. And then they delayed it again. And again. The launch window closed at 8:26 PM, which is when they announced the mission had been scrubbed and is now supposed to go off tonight, instead. Seeing a night launch is really awesome, and it would have been even better seeing it from so close, but I doubt we’ll drive back down for it again. It’s a lot closer to walk down to our fishing dock and see it from here.

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  1. The DMV here in Sumter County was the same as experience there. Nice, friendly, helpful people. I hated going to the DMV in Maryland, the staff there acted like we were imposing on their day and could not be bothered.

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