Jan 172017

When you live and travel fulltime in an RV, something you always have to be aware of is weight considerations. There’s an old saying that whenever something comes in, something else has to go out. That’s why every time Miss Terry purchased a couple of skeins of yarn, I tried to stay as far away from the door as possible, just so she wouldn’t boot me out to make more room. And let’s face it, getting me out of the Winnebago sure would take a load off the old airbags!

One thing that adds a tremendous amount of weight is books. And since Terry and I are both avid readers, that was always an issue. Fortunately, having Amazon Kindles helped a lot in that respect. However, I still have a lot of research books that I use for my writing that aren’t always available in e-book format. And, as an author myself, we used to carry a selection of my books, along with Terry’s cookbook, to have at our booth when we were vending at RV rallies.

Since we have cut way back on our rally participation, I’ve also cut down on the number of my own books that we have on hand. In fact, I didn’t even have printed copies of four my books, Big Lake Honeymoon, Big Lake Reckoning, Big Lake Brewpub, and Black Friday.

When we were furnishing our house, purchasing several nice oak bookcases was very high on our priority list. Now we can have all the books we want! We just can’t take them all with us in the motorhome when we hit the road.

Yesterday a package came from CreateSpace, Amazon’s print division, with four copies each of the above books. It was the first time I had seen them in print format. That’s a nice stroke for the ego.

After several days of frustration, I finally got all the problems resolved with the last four books I have been working on formatting, Big Lake Abduction, Big Lake Celebration, Return to Dog’s Run, and Stillborn Armadillos. Meanwhile, my cover artist, Elizabeth Mackey sent me over the print covers, and today I will load everything up to CreateSpace and get them going. They should be available soon.

On another note, yesterday was our 19th wedding anniversary. Can you believe this beautiful lady has been putting up with my nonsense for that long? Don’t ask me why, folks, it’s a mystery to me. And I love her even more than I did the day we said “I do.” Thank you for all of your love and support through the years, Terry. I am nothing without you.

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Thought For The Day – If Apple built a car, would it have windows?

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  8 Responses to “Books And A Special Day”

  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to the two of you. Wishing you a wonderful day and many more years of happiness.

  2. Happy Anniversary you love birds.

  3. You and Miss Terry seem like the perfect match and I wish you both many more years of happiness.

  4. Happy anniversary to you both!

  5. Is that poison ivy on that tree?
    Happy Anniversary.

  6. Happy belated anniversary. You never know when or how a person finds love. As my grandpa put it… ‘don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’….. not that Miss Terry is a horse, by ANY stretch of the imagination. Have a great day!

  7. Happy anniversary to you and Terry. Wishing you both many, many more years together.

  8. Happy Anniversary you two!

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